Achievements of Konkan Railway During Last One Year

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Achievements of Konkan Railway During Last One Year

Konkan Railway is a vital link between Mumbai and Mangalore traversing through a distance of 741 Kms along the Western Ghats covering Four States viz. Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & Kerala. It’s entire stretch is very unique, picturesque & comprises of difficult terrain which has been conquered by Konkan Railway and therefore it is recognized as an Engineering Marvel. It’s journey has been arduous and challenging during the construction phase and marvellous with the passage of time with many accolades to its credit. The Konkan Railway has generated Operating Surplus from the day one of its Operational Phase but has been into the debt trap for the Finance Charges.

During the current financial year 2014-15, Konkan Railway has achieved a Net Profit of ` 39.39 Crs  as against `13.11 Crs during the previous financial year. The Traffic Earnings including other Income has also gone up to   ` 972.61 Cr as against Traffic Earnings of ` 932.95 Crs of the previous year. The Project Revenue has also shown an improving trend of ` 350 Crs during the current financial year as against ` 344.37 Crs during the last financial year.

Konkan Railway has also contributed ` 41.37 Crs towards Pension Fund during the current financial year as against ` 23.37 Crs in the previous year.  Bonds worth ` 71.50 Crs have been redeemed on 2nd August 2015 from our internal resources. It is also praiseworthy to note that during the first four months of the financial year 2015-16, Konkan Railway has earned ` 321.35 Crs as against ` 259.95 Crs during the same period of the financial year 2014-15, thereby an increase of 24% over the earnings of the previous year. We have also earned a Net Profit of ` 15.87 Crs during this period.

Five New Trains between LTT – Karmali, Kasargod – Byndoor, Thiruvananathapuram – Hazrat Nizamuddin (2 trains), Ratnagiri – Madgaon and  extended 2 Trains i.e. Dadar – Karmali Janshatabdi upto Madgaon and DEMU Services between Karwar – Madgaon upto Pernem have been introduced.

A total of 180 Summer Specials uptil now i.e. during August 2014 to July 2015  have been run against 139 Summer Specials during the last financial year 2014-15 and 250 Ganpati Specials as against 207 during the last financial year 2014-15.

Roll “ON” Roll “OFF” service commenced on Konkan Railway from 26/01/1999. This service is provided between Kolad-Verna and further up to Ankola & Suratkal. The innovative Roll “ON” Roll “OFF” service has completed 16 years of its successful run. On an average, Sixteen freight trains per day including Roll ON-Roll OFF services have been run by Konkan Railway during the year 2014-15. Earning from Roll On – Roll Off service during the year of 2014-15 was ` 73.30 Crs as compared to the earnings of previous year of ` 65.72 Crs. More than 4.25 Lakh trucks have been transported since introduction of Roll On – Roll Of service in January 1999. Roll On – Roll Off service helps the nation by saving precious fuel and also in reducing pollution.

                Inter-railway Safety Audit of KRCL was conducted by a Committee of Senior Administrative Grade Officers (SAG) of Northeast Frontier Railway on 21st to 23rd Jan-2015 to review the safety on Konkan Railway. Based on the recommendations of Audit committee, Konkan Railway has complied the various deficiencies noticed which needed immediate attention and action has also been initiated wherever systemic/planned input is required.

In order to ease traffic movement, 2 Additional Looplines, High Level Platform, New Foot Over Bridge and other Passenger amenity works at Thivim was commissioned on 25th June 2015. “Bhoomi Poojan” was initially done by Hon’ble MR on 20th December 2014 and works were completed in record time of Six months.

New Station building along with High Level Platform and other passenger amenity was inaugurated at Mookambika Road Byndoor by the Hon’ble MR through Remote on 9th February 2015.

As Green initiative, 4 Organic Waste Converters were commissioned at KRV, Ratnagiri, Madgaon and Karwar and the compost generated is being utilised in gardens of Railway Stations and colonies.

Jaigarh Digni Rail Ltd has been incorporated on 21st May 2015 with 26% equity by KRCL. Concession Agreement has been signed between SPV and KRCL (on behalf of Ministry of Railways) in the presence of Hon’ble Minister of Railways and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 28th June 2015 for the realisation of Jaigarh Rail Connectivity Project.

Preliminary Engineering and Traffic (PET) Survey for Roha – Veer track doubling project has been completed and the report has been submitted to Railway Board. The same has been approved by Niti Ayog. The proposals for Electrification and Patch Doubling on KR Route have been sent to Railway Board, which are under active consideration of the Ministry.

On the Katra – Dharam Section of USBRL Project at J&K,             twelve nos of Tunnels out of 14 nos have been made through. Out of total 28.614 Kms of Tunnels on the route, 22.68 Kms of tunnel excavation has been completed and balance length of 5.93 Kms is being completed. At Chenab Bridge, earthwork in excavation in foundation at Bakkal end has been completed and the work at Kauri end is in progress. The foundation level has reached at five locations.

The excavation completed during the year is 4.3 Lac m3. The cummulative excavation completed is 7.61 Lac m3 as against 9.15 Lac m3. The launching of six numbers of viaduct segments of Chenab Bridge has been completed and cumulative fabrication work completed is 915 MT. The design and proof checking of main arch of Chenab Bridge has been completed. Financial Progress achieved during the last Financial Year 2014-15 is ` 329.26 Crs and cumulative financial progress is ` 2519 Crs upto July 2015.

To enhance safety, in 117km stretch Rail Renewal with 260m long panels completed. Two rounds of USFD testing of rails also completed. Further USFD testing of rails is being continued with RDSO approved Contract Agency and Departmental Operators to complete the entire section once in every 3 months. As a safety measure, more than 16000 defective welds are protected with Joggled Fish Plate & C – clamp and about 1024 IMR defective rails and welds have been removed during last year. Inter Railway Safety Audit of Konkan Railway was conducted by a Committee of SAG Grade Officers of N.E.F.Railway from 21st to 23rd January 2015. Based on the recommendations of this Committee, Konkan Railway has complied with various recommendations made by them. International Level Crossing Awareness Day was observed on Konkan Railway on 3rd June 2015. General and Subsidiary Rules 2015 were printed and published for the official use.

Hon’ble MR has also performed Bhumi Poojan at Karmali for Lake Resort on 22nd December 2014 and for Sawantwadi Terminus along with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 27th June 2015.

               Computerized Reservation Centers (PRS) facility started at India Post Honnavar on 27.01.2015. PRS facility was inaugurated by Hon’ble MR at Sawantwadi station & India Post Sawantwadi on date 27.06.2015. Also PRS facility started at Navel Base, Karwar on 15.07.2015. At present there are          21 PRS locations over Konkan Railway.

              ATM : At Thivim station on ATM was inaugurated by Hon’ble MR on date 27.06.2015. At another 07 stations over KR letter of acceptance has been issued for installation of ATMs and installation of the same is in progress.

               JTBS : Contracts for Janasadharan Ticket Booking Sevak (JTBS) has been awarded  at Kudal  station during this period. There are total 09 JTBS appointed over Konkan Railway.

               Town Booking Agency : To provide reservation facility to the passengers in their city another Town Booking Agency started at Malvan in Sindhudurg district on 26.07.2015. at present there are 17 TBAs  over Konkan Railway.

In an endeavour to provide better customer services and to make the journey more pleasurable, Konkan Railway has launched yet another service oriented scheme to provide a unique experience for rail passengers in Konkankanya & Mandovi Express trains. The service provides attractive and utility products for sale to passengers travelling by Konkan Railway. This unique service was enjoyed up till now only by Air travelers or through E-shopping. Now Konkan Railway passengers can also enjoy the pleasure of feeling the products & shopping right at their place of seat whilst their journey. Recently the services are extended in 11 more trains over KR section on experimental basis.

               Bio – Toilets : As an innovative technology for disposal of human waste in eco-friendly manner bio-toilets has been installed at Mookambika Road Byndoor station. At present bio-toilets have been installed at total 07 stations over Konkan Railway. The provision of Bio-Toilets has already been started in Konkan Railway trains and at present around 30 Coaches have been provided with Bio-toilets.

               Provision of ‘Travelator’ and ‘Escalators” : In order to make travel of our valued customers more user-friendly, construction of ‘Travelator’ at Ratnagiri station and ‘Escalators’ at Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Madgaon & Udupi stations has been under taken. Escalator at Ratnagiri has been commissioned on 16th October 2015.


Halt Stations : During the visit to Konkan Railway on 16th October 2015, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways announced two Halt Stations viz. Veeravali and Saundal in Ratnagiri Region.

               Training on Tourism to Auto and Taxi Drivers: In co-ordination with State Tourism Department training was imparted to 904 taxi / rickshaw drivers and motorcycle pilots regarding information / importance of nearby tourist places, etiquette and safe driving to encourage the tourism in Konkan region & over Konkan Railway.

               Video Wall at Madgaon: At Madgaon video wall of size 10 ft X 8 ft is being provided for display of information for guidance of passengers.

               Konkan Rly Train Enquiry – TOLL FREE Telephone (1800-233-1332), provided at outsourced facility at Panjim, Goa on 26.01.2015. Passenger Helpline ‘138’ has been made functional and the same is mapped with Commercial Control (022-27579939) at CO/BLP. Security Helpline ‘182’ has been made functional and the same is mapped with RPF outpost (0832-2731627) at Madgaon.

               CCTV Video Surveillance system installed at Five stations (Khed, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali and Sawantwadi), on hiring basis, during Ganapati Festival. CCTV Surveillance System installed at Kankavali station on 11.01.2015. On 18.03.2015, 02 CCTV cameras are provided inside Karbude Tunnel (On trial basis) and monitoring is done from Karbude Tunnel Ventilation Control Room.

               ‘Wi-Fi’ internet services activated at Madgaon station in association with M/s RCIL, which was inaugurated by Hon’ble MR on 31/03/2015.

               Voice based Public Grievance Registration System has been commissioned on 20.01.2015 (on TOLL FREE Number 1800-266-5725).

Disaster Management Centre (DMC) has been inaugurated by the Hon’ble MR, at Thivim and Karmali Stations on 20/12/14.

               Arrangement of Trip for cancer patients: Like every year, this year also KRCL has organized trip to Goa for children suffering from cancer and being treated at Tata Memorial Hospital from Mumbai to Goa and back on 17th November 2015.

               Call Centre: Konkan Railway is the only Railway implementing monsoon timings and non monsoon timings every year on safety consideration due to typical Geographical condition compounded with heavy rainfall.  Due to different timings, the passengers faces inconvenience in finding out status of actual and schedule running of trains.  To address this issue, Konkan Railway has started call centre for proving information to the passengers through toll free helpline number 1800 233 1332. This facility is available round the clock.

               Disposable Bed-Rolls: To facilitate hygiene conscious passengers travelling on trains over Konkan Railway disposable bed rolls are made available at Madgaon station at reasonable cost as a pilot project. Passenger can buy set of one bed sheet, pillow & pillow cover or set of blanket, bed sheet, pillow & pillow cover as desired.

               Konkan Swad & Kokam Stalls : Konkan Region is synonym for natural beauty with beaches, jungles, mountains and rivers.  It is one of the most sought unique  tourist place in India. Famous temples like Ganpatipule, Bhagwati, Chandikadevi, Parshuram Temple and other famous tourist locations are situated in Konkan. Like the richness of tourist place there is lot to explore about the ‘Konkan Cuisine’ which is famous for its hot and spicy taste. The Konkan cuisine is blended with richness of Indian spices, coconut, raw mango, kokum, dried kokam (amsul).  The richness of this cuisine will be spread by Konkan Railway through KONKAN SWAD & Kokam Stalls at various stations over Konkan Railway, to the tourists travelling from all over India.

Safety : It is a matter of pride and satisfaction that there has not been any electrical accident or a case of fire on account of electrical equipment / asset in the coaches maintained by KRCL. To improve the electrical safety, protection arrangements have been strengthened. Multi – layered “Graded protection” has been provided between various electrical utilities for safer operations of all equipments and systems.

Energy Conservation : For dealing with the challenges of difficult topography more efficiently and effectively, an initiative has been taken to illuminate three critical cuttings to keep watch on the boulder falls and slippage ,if any . This will help intaking remedial actions immediately. Lighting has also been provided for identified vulnerable sections of Karbude tunnel. This has, so far, given satisfactory results. Also for providing higher illumination inside the tunnels during monsoon, additional lights, almost three times the lights glowing earlier, have been provided on experimental basis. So far, 76 KM of tunnel lighting has been provided with LED. The balance ( 2.162  km) shall be completed by this financial year. With this provision, visibility and clarity of signals provided inside tunnels has also significantly improved, thus enhancing safety.

To reduce carbon foot prints, overaged 70 W HPSV lights fittings emitting yellow light inside the tunnels have been replaced by energy efficient, environment friendly 24W LED lights emitting white light, in all the illuminated tunnels (except Barcem due to ongoing RBSC works) outperforming the MOU target set for R&D-energy efficient.

Solar Power Plant : Continuing our endeavours to promote usage of clean energy, Corporation has installed Solar Power Plant of 20 KWp at Karmali station. Provision of “On Grid Solar Power Plant” at Ratnagiri Railway station (350 KWp capacity) is also under execution and has been commissioned on 16th October 2015 by Hon’ble MR. It also has been decided to install Solar Power Plant at Kudal Railway station (25 KWp capacity) and Sawantwadi Railway station (20 KWp capacity) in Ratnagiri region.

Staff Welfare : During this period, a total numbers of 725 employees were promoted, out of which 386 employees were given Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS).  10 Executives have been promoted which includes 8 AEN (Adhoc). 29 Selections and Trade Tests were held during the year.

A total of 13 Recruitment Drives have been initiated, out of which 155 candidates have been recruited from Open Market against Regular Cadre. Out of the 66 Nos. of Medically Categorized Staff, 48 nos. staff have been offered alternate appointments on medical ground and 11 cases are under process. Compassionate appointment have  been provided to  22 eligible dependent of deceased employees during this period. Women in Public Sector (WIPS) cell has been  set up in KRCL

Recommendations of 5th and  6th CPC have been implemented  and  Allowances have also been implemented in Konkan Railway. These Revised Allowances along with arrears have been paid to the employees as and when circulars have been issued by Ministry of Railways.

All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association Konkan Railway and All India OBC Railway Employees Association Konkan Railway are functioning in KRCL for the betterment of SC/ST and OBC employees. Personnel department is the co-ordinating authority, facilities are being granted to Associations for effective functioning. New Office Accommodation have been allotted to both the  Associations in Belapur, Ratnagiri and  Madgaon.

A total of 2500 candidates were Recruited through various Recruitment Process uptil now from the eligible landlosers through various recruitment notifications.

An amount of    `17,05,2018/-  and `21,00,000/- have been contributed to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund from the willing Contribution of KRCL Employees in 2010 & 2012. Apart from this, an amount of `.25,00,000/- has been contributed to the J&K flood .

Compassionate appointment cases of  103 dependent of deceased employees have been provided with  Appointment during this period.  Also, settlement dues are made to the Retired/Resigned employees and dependent of deceased employees. As on date 145 employees/Dependents are getting the pension from the Konkan Railway. Also 157 employees are provided with Alternate Employment on Medical Ground.

The Uniform & protective wear have been supplied to all the eligible staff in 2014 as per schedule. This has improved satisfaction amongst staff thereby improved industrial relations. Contract for 2015 & 2016 is already in place and supply is expected as per schedule. This contract is with improved specification and stringent third party inspection for better quality of uniforms.

VRS and RELHS schemes are accepted in principle and the same are being implemented shortly.

Productivity Linked Bonus at par with Indian Railway Employees has been introduced for the employees of Konkan Railway by Hon’ble MR as per the announcement made during the Foundation Day Celebrations of Konkan Railway on 15th October 2015.

Training : In order to curtail the Training  Expenses and upgrade the knowledge of the Konkan Railway Employees, a training institute namely Konkan Rail Academy have been established at Madgaon, Bhatkal and Mangalore for imparting training to Non-Executives regularly. Training Institues have been provided with Pcs with LCD projectors, OHP Projectors, White board etc. Hostels with recreational facilites are available. PT and Yoga are compulsory.

During the year 2014-15, a total number of 110 courses/workshops were conducted by KRA imparting training to 2494 staff. From 2014-15, Konkan Rail Academy (KRA) has been organising all the mandatory training courses for the essential categories of staff successfully.  It is a big step towards self-sufficiency. Training organisation of Konkan Rail has been exceeding the training targets set in MOU both for the executives and non-executives.KRA is also organising courses for other organisations on request.  Last year, it had organised    a  special   courses  for   the    supervisors  of  Marmagoa   Port  Trust (MPT). E-learning postal named, “Gyansagar” has been launched enabling staff to access the course material through internet.  Also, “on line examination” has been introduced.

George Fernandes Insitute of Tunnel Technology at Goa : On 23rd Oct, 2015, in a function organized at Panjim, Hon’ble MR announced “Establishment of George Fernandes Institute of Tunnel Technology” at Goa. Shri Laxmikant Parsekar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa and other Dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

Information Technology : In the year 2015 Konkan Railway has implemented “eOffice” – a paperless office solution developed by NIC (National Informatics Centre) based on Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedures (CSMOP). Implementation  of  eOffice improves Transferancy, Operational Efficiency, Productivity,  Accountability, Resposibility, government working culture, effective knowledge management, ethics and assures data security & integrity. The file movements can be tracked on-line. Courier and man power movement for carrying files between offices had been considerably reduced apart from taking fast decisions through quick disposal of files.

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Konkan Railway has provided Computer Literacy to 13597 Nos of villagers along the Konkan Railway route. In addition 4048 nos of employees and their families have been trained with Computer Skills.

Konkan Railway hosted its website in 1999 itself with important features like On-Line Train Seat Reservation for NRI passengers for KR trains, Current Train Position. In the year 2014, the website has been throughly revamped with improved design and features for passengers including Dymanic Time Table, Tender Management System, Departmental information, RTI information etc. The website is responsive to view on any device – Desktop / Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, etc. A “mobile application”, has been developed which can be downloaded from the new website and also from Google playstore, and was announced on 15th August 2014 by CMD / KRCL.

Jammu Connectivity-The Connectivity of Jammu Project Users is enhanced with Direct VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connectivity for accessing various applications of IT, improving the performance and efficiency.

Information System Audit – KRCL have already completed Information System Audit of 4 critical modules. As per Auditors’ opinion, the audited modules are working as per business rules and regulations.

Following important projects are under progress for implementation during the financial year 2015-16 : 1) Control Office Application. 2) Hand Held Device for Ticketing (for TTEs) 3) Retiring Room Booking over the Internet 4) Signal Maintenance Module

During current financial year non-performing assets worth ` 13.55 Crs have been disposed off, which is the highest figure so far in the history of KRCL.  This has not only contributed towards revenue earnings but also has improved cleanliness of railway premises.

E-Tendering – Indian Railway Electronic Procurement System (IREPS) has been introduced from 1.4.2014.  So far 548 tenders have been invited through e-tendering process. This has increased not only efficiency but also transparency in public procurement in accordance with the policy of Govt. of India on e-Governance.

E-auction – KRCL has started E-auction (IREPS) in the month of June 2015.  This has improved efficiency and transparency in public auctions.

Digitization : We have also undertaken Digitization of Office Records and Land Acquisition Records in order to preserve them forever.


               Security : 318 cases under the Railways Act were registered against anti social elements in Railway premises including 170 cases u/s 144 of Railway Act ( Unauthorized vending )  & total amount  of ` 1,67,785/- was realized as a fine.

               RPF staff assisted Commercial department in ticket checking in which 484 persons were fined and an amount of  ` 2,04,918/- was earned.  RPF rescued 28 ran away children and  handed over them to their parents/ Child Help Line. 

               Swachch Bharat Abhiyan : Konkan Railway is also committed to the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan and necessary measures have also been undertaken to achieve its aims and objectives. Special Cleanliness Drives all over Konkan Railway Route have been undertaken for the same in terms of  instructions being received from the Ministry from time to time.

               Futuristic Plans : Konkan Railway Route has been planned for doubling and electrification for the overall growth of Konkan Railway. It is tentatively planned for Bhoomi Poojan of Konkan Railway Doubling Project at Kolad on 8th November 2015 by the MR.  

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