October 16, 2017   
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The concept of this website was initiated in February 2000 with the sole objective of disseminating information related to the Government Sector which is useful to various users groups at large. To start with the basic contact details like website, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers of the Government hierarchy was put on the site. The information varied from the President of India, Prime Minister’s office, Council of Ministers, Government of India  Ministries/Departments, Public Sector undertakings, State Governments and Union Territories. Foreign Missions based in India, Indian Missions/Posts abroad was hosted on the site and was updated regularly as and when there was a change in hierarchy. With this website became an instant hit.

04website_launchThe website www.sarkaritel.com was inaugurated by Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, then Union Communications Minister, Govt. of India, on August 27th, 2001, then Rajya Sabha Dy. Chairperson Dr. (Smt.) Najma Heptulla was the chief guest at the inaugural function with top bureaucrats, technocrats, information technology experts and students. The Ambassador of Peruwas also present on the occasion.

The Hindi version of the website was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Lok Sabha Speaker, Shri Manohar Joshi on October 17th, 2002.

 With time many value additions have been done on the website this includes news section (covers national & international news), corporate news, photo gallery section, useful public utility links health for all section.

 The website presently is being accessed from more than 148 countries with around 1.25 Lacs Unique visitors per month. The website is not only popular in the Government sector but in the public sector.

04website_launch1With a sustained encouragement and support from all our associates we are planning an e-newspaper which would further strengthen the website utility and enhance the user base. The site intends to promote the Government policies and programmes beneficial for the masses thus would act as a facilitator between the Government and the common man.

The website also intends to incorporate a section which would be devoted to e-commerce that would include online shopping of various products like air tickets, books etc.

 To add a new feather to the website a new website diplomacyindia.com which would be devoted to the Diplomatic corps would be added to the portfolio. This would entail

  • The website is exclusively devoted to detailing India’s diplomatic and economic engagement with key countries of the world. It seeks to explain the government’s policies at the diplomatic, economic, cultural levels so as to ensure that our bilateral, trilateral and multilateral relations with different countries of the world grows enormously.

This is private initiative, which intends to bridge the gap between the government and the common man.

The website would serve as a gateway to Government for the common man. The site offers to serve as a facilitator for Government to disseminate information related to their policies and programmes. Click Here

The information which is already available on the site is

  • Free E-mail Facility
  • Telephone Numbers / Website Links / Email Addresses of Govt. of India Ministries, State Governments / Union Territories, Public Sector Undertakings, Embassies / Consulates based in India, Indian Missions abroad, Universities based in India etc.
  • Latest News Stories
  • Corporate News Stories
  • Photo Gallery Section
  • Useful Public Utility Links
  • Health for All Section.

With the constant support and feedback from the users and advertisers the website has emerged as one of the unique website which disseminates information of the Government sector which is updated on a regular basis.

Ameya Sathaye
CEO & Editor

E-mail  : feedback@sarkaritel.com
Mobile : 9810072220