Vigilance Awareness Week -2019 observed in NLCIL

By Sarkaritel October 28, 2019 20:29

Corruption is nothing but the ethical pollution and psychological erosion of individuals and organizations, which leads to devastation of  wellbeing of the society. – Smt P.C Thenmohzhi, I.P.S  at Vigilance Awareness Week  -2019  observance at NLCIL.

In commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of  Bhartha Ratna Sardar Vallababhai Patel, former Deputy Prime Minister of India, Vigilance Awareness Week is celebrated throughout India.  All the Government and Public Sector organizations celebrate Vigilance Awareness Week to bring about awareness on Vigilance among the employees and the public.  The theme of the celebrations for this year is “Integrity a Way of Life ” and would be observed from 28-10-2019 to 02-11-2019.

The Vigilance Awareness Week celebrations 2019 at NLCIL was inaugurated by Smt P.C Thenmohzhi, I.P.S  DIG of Police ,Kancheepuram range, i/c Villupuram Range, in the presence of  Shri Rakesh Kumar CMD,NLCIL  and  Functional Directors,  Shri R. Vikraman,  Shri N.N.M Rao , Shri Prabhakar Chowki , Shri Shaji John and  Shri T. Venkatasubramanian, IRSME, CVO, NLCIL, on 28-10-2019 at Learning and Development Centre, Neyveli.

In her Chief Guest address, Smt P.C Thenmohzhi, I.P.S., stated that Corruption is nothing but the pollution of ethical and psychological erosion of individuals and organizations, which leads to a devastation of wellbeing of the society.   She emphasized that the conceptual and ideological foundations of Indian culture have been laid on the basis of certain moral and spiritual principles and which are undeniable, and in fact, this is the reason why, despite tremendous upheavals and long centuries of foreign aggression and subjugation, India has retained vitality and dynamism.

She said every element made by nature has served its purpose.  She appealed to everyone to introspect themselves about their role in handling physical aspect of nature and psychologically as an individual and in the society to realize whether they are leading their life with integrity or not.

Shri  Rakesh Kumar, CMD NLCIL, in his presidential address said that living with integrity and knowing the purpose of life is nothing but what we think, what we speak and what we act, aligning all these in a uniform way as an individual and for the empowerment of the society.

The best impact in society will not come just by creation of a system, but every individuals modifying their thought process,  believing strongly and to create positive impact on society.

Shri T. Venkatasubramanian, IRSME, CVO, NLCIL in his speech, informed that Vigilance has three facets of approach – Preventive, Punitive and Participative. Organizing of Vigilance Awareness Week comes under Preventive Action and as part of this, the Central Vigilance Commission carries out various activities to reach each every individual of society to uphold integrity, honesty and play their responsible role as whistle blower for the betterment of society.

To mark the occasion Smt P.C Thenmohzhi, I.P.S the Chief Guest, CMD & Functional Directors and CVO, NLCIL released pamphlets containing the message of CVO,   a Wooden Pen Stand, Table Photo Frame Stand and  Adhesive Stickers containing  messages on integrity.

After the program, Smt P.C Thenmohzhi, I.P.S the Chief Guest, CMD & Functional Directors and CVO of NLCIL inaugurated the  Integrity wall at Main Bazar, Neyveli Township, and took integrity pledge by signing on the wall. The  employees and general public are taking   integrity pledge by signing on this wall.

In the inaugural function, Functional Directors administered the pledge on Vigilance to the participants in English, Hindi and Tamil respectively. In the function, Messages regarding Vigilance Awareness Week 2019 from the Hon’ble Vice-President of India, and Chief Vigilance Commissioner were read by senior officials.

By Sarkaritel October 28, 2019 20:29