R. K. Chauhan assumes charge as Director (Projects), POWERGRID

Published by News Desk August 24, 2018

New Delhi, 24th August, 2018 : Shri Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, assumed the charge of Director (Projects) of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID). He graduated from IIT Roorkee in Electrical Engineering and has a diverse experience of more than 33 years in EHV AC&DC transmission system covering almost all areas of the transmission system. He has been associated with POWERGRID since 1994 and has contributed to all segments of Power System Management in POWERGRID i.e Project Management, CTU Planning, Design & Engineering (EHV AC & HVDC), Procurement, Site Execution, Operation & Maintenance, Consultancy, DMS and Commercial Functions in POWERGRID under various capacities. He has also served for 10 years in NTPC prior to joining POWERGRID in 1994. He has been instrumental in design and development of National Grid, now considered the backbone of the country’s electricity market including planning and setting up of High Capacity Corridors for facilitating open access to generators and Green Energy Corridors to facilitate integration of renewable generation including state-of-the-art design concept of Statcom stations to improve the static as well dynamic voltage profile of the transmission system.
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