By Sarkaritel March 24, 2020 18:03

All out efforts are on at NLC India Limited to prevent the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19). Ever since the Government of India started issuing various advisories to take precautionary steps to prevent spread of Corona virus, the NLCIL management is implementing a slew of preventive actions and awareness campaigns.

A few of them are listed as under:

  1. The top management comprising Shri Rakesh Kumar, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Shri R. Vikraman, Director/HR, Shri N.N.M. Rao, Director/P&P, Shri Prabhakar Chowki, Director/Mines, Shri Shaji John, Director/Power and Shri N. Jaikumar Srinivasan, Director/Finance are constantly monitoring the activities besides having a structured review starting at   09:30 Hours every morning. The core group of senior executives involved in various preventive measures attends the meeting.  Shri N. Sadish Babu, Executive Director/HR has been nominated as the Nodal Officer cum Chief Executive Officer –Covid-19 prevention of spread.
  2. NLCIL’s regular employees and the workmen of contractors have been exempted from marking Biometric attendance and are recording attendance electronically by using their Identity Cards.
  3. A positive awareness campaign has been launched through Pamphlets, Posters, Hoardings and videos to imbibe and promote the habits of personal hygiene, workplace hygiene and maintaining social distance.
  4. Accommodation in NLCIL’s Guest Houses have been highly restricted. The travel history and medical status of the guests are thoroughly scrutinized before permitting any accommodation in guest house. Guests are also required to record any contact with those who have travel history within two months to foreign countries and also about any clinical test undergone by them for COVID-19 or H1N1.
  5. In NLCIL’s General Hospital a Quarantine Ward has been created with 20 bedded capacity and additionally existing 3 wards with 73 beds have been earmarked and kept ready to function as isolation wards to meet any emergency. Home Quarantine arrangements were also made with 40 room building converted as Quarantine Care Centre.
  6. A high level team of doctors of NLCIL belonging to various disciplines such as General Medicine, Occupational Health, Paediatrics, Pathology and also with representatives from Nursing, Hospital Administration and Human Resource has been formed to review and implement necessary action on war footing on day-to-day basis.
  7. Shri C. Thiagaraju, CGM/HR, Corporate Office, has been specifically earmarked to coordinate with the Doctor’s team for expediting action to facilitate readiness of hospital at all times.
  8. The Management has sanctioned special funds to purchase all required essential items like sanitizers, masks, personal protective wear, foggers, disposable linen etc  for Hospital, Township and Units usage.
  9. The General Hospital of NLCIL has also been made ready to allocate further wards out of the 350 bed capacity if contingency arises at any point of time.
  10. A fever clinic has been started at the entrance of the hospital with focus on early identification and isolation.
  11. A mechanism has been put in place to closely watch the progress of individual and their family in Neyveli Township who has been advised Home Quarantine.

11.A.Thosewho have travelled from Covid-19 affected countries and States of India recently, are advised home quarantine and monitored.

  1. Cinema Theatres, Shandies, Clubs, Gyms and Temples have been restricted from public use.
  2.  The Health Department of Township Administration is taking care of maintaining sanitation and expediting holistic activities to maintain health and hygiene.
  3. Disinfection, Fumigation and related activities are being carried out on regular basis.
  4. Hand washing and application of Hand Sanitizers are implemented at all workplaces.
  5. Employees have been motivated to ensure that all their family members undertake regular hand washing and using hand sanitizers.
  6. Further, a special awareness programme on COVID-19 has been arranged with participation of Dr. Saravana Kumari, MD, Government Medical College, Villupuram. This programme was attended by Doctors, Paramedical staff and members of NGOs in Neyveli.
  7. NLC is regularly updating various Systems/Procedures to enable employees to cope up with COVID-19 challenges.
  8. A System has been put in place to permit Work from Home on alternate days for employees working in various regional offices at Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Bhubaneswar. Similarly, Employees suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Congestive Heart failure and Uncontrolled Diabetics Mellitus to work from home up to 31.03.2020.
  9. Similar prevention measures have also been taken up at all Project sites – Thoothukudi (TN), Barsingsar (Rajasthan), Ghatampur (Uttar Pradesh), South Pachwara (Jharkhand), Talabira (Odisha) and all Solar Plants.
  10. Entry into Neyveli Township is strictly regulated. Volunteers at Arch Gate entrance as well as Ammeri entrance check with the help of thermo scanners screens the body temperatures of all those entering through these main entrances. This is being done round the clock and Shri O.S. Gnanasekaran, CGM/HR/ Thermal, is coordinating this activity.
  11. A team of around 130 volunteers is carrying out in thermal scanning of incoming passengers, meeting Home Quarantined to organise door to door enumeration, etc.
  12. The Management has enlisted additional volunteers to put in action if situation demands.
  13. NLCIL, following government guidelines, has ordered that the places of Worship in Neyveli shall not be open to public until further orders.
  14. The Mega annual festival of “Panguni Uthiram” at Siva Subramania Swamy Temple, Veluduyanpattu, has been cancelled to avoid large gathering of public. Only the rituals on “Panguni Uthiram” will be performed by the priests as per Agama rules in the presence of only those permitted.
  15. In response to the clarion call of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, all the employees of NLCIL and their families observed the one day “Janata curfew” on 22.03.2020 by 5 staying indoors.
  16. At 5.00 p.m on 22-03-2020, Shri Rakesh Kumar, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Shri R. Vikraman, Director/HR, Shri N.N.M. Rao, Director/P&P, Shri Prabhakar Chowki, Director/Mines, Shri Shaji John, Director/Power and Shri N. Jaikumar Srinivasan, Director/Finance and all the NLCIL employees and their family members enthusiastically expressed their gratitude to the members of the Medical fraternity and  personnel working in front line emergency services by clapping hands, clapping plates and ringing bells.
  17. NLCIL has also implemented Government guidelines to deploy skeletal staff in activities no directly connected to operation & maintenance of Mines and Thermal Power Stations.

NLCIL is thus continuously monitoring the situation arising out of COVID-19 outbreak and taking all possible steps to prevent incidents of COVID-19 in Neyveli.  The Management is also prepared to step up activities if the situation so demands.

By Sarkaritel March 24, 2020 18:03