Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia District, Assam

By Sarkaritel June 10, 2020 05:35

While the clearing operations were on at the well site, the well caught fire. There is no casualty reported. A fire fighter from ONGCL sustained minor injuries. Fire tenders are at the site controlling the spread of fire. While chalking out the plans with ALERT team in the morning five options were presented by ALERT team which included “Capping Stack Guide Rail” Mechanism and “Ignite Well” options. ONGC & OIL teams had made considerable progress with the “Capping Stack Guide Rail” Mechanism and it was decided to proceed with the same. However, the current situation would be brought under control by the experts.


There are violent protests around the well site. Request was made to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam and District Administration, Tinsukia for maintaining law & order so that the experts are allowed to enter the site and start the well control operations. All officials of OIL / ONGC are being evacuated from nearby areas. Once the situation is normal, the experts from ALERT and the staff of OIL / ONGC will move to the site.


Post the incident, emergency meetings are underway with ALERT Team. They have expressed that it is now a safe environment for working and are confident that the situation can be controlled and the well can be capped safely. The situation demands arrangement of large quantities of water, installation of high discharge pumps and removal of debris. All the operations as per ALERT will take about 4 weeks. Efforts will be made to reduce this timeframe as much as possible.


Status of Activities for Well Control Operation at Well No. Baghjan-5


  • Experts from Singapore based firm “M/s Alert Disaster Control” visited the well site on 08-06-2020 to assess the available facilities for well control operation and for preparation of the plan ofaction.
  • Initial testing carried out for Hydraulically Driven Mechanical Transporter to be used for Well Control Operation at OIL’s Engineering Workshop. Additional modifications areunderway.
  • Testing of other well control equipment is in progress at OIL’s DrillingYard.
  • Transfer of well killing equipment to the site is inprogress.
  • Composite arrangements for killing (subdue) of the well is in progress at site.
  • Civil work progress for preparation of area for placement of High Pressure Kill Pump, Mud tanks, Supercharger etc. to be used for Well Control Operation: 95%.
  • Civil work for earth filling, approach road etc. for placement of other auxiliaries and creating enough space for vehicular movement in and around the site as well as river bank site of water source is underway24x7.
  • Removal of cranes, bunk houses, tool bins from the well site plinth completed. Further clearing of site of operation is inprogress.
  • Arrangement for creating water umbrella is in progress. Digging of water reservoir and preparation of placement of high capacity water pumps are in progress. Laying of delivery lines from the source to the site of operation is inprogress.

Environmental Impact Assessment is in progress. A team from Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat reached Duliajan for impact assessment on vegetation.

By Sarkaritel June 10, 2020 05:35