Punjab National Bank Q2 FY-21 Financial Results

By Sarkaritel November 4, 2020 05:10

Punjab National Bank Q2 FY-21 Financial Results

The nation’s leading public sector bank, Punjab National Bank, (PNB) hosted a virtual press conference today to discuss its Q2 FY 2020-21 results.  Sh CH. S. S. Mallikarjuna Rao, MD and CEO of the Bank, highlighted key point of the September-quarter result as well as the recent economic developments in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Shri. Rao said that the festive season will signal the economic revival and maintained the overall credit growth to grow at 4-6 per cent for the current fiscal though a more realistic picture will be known by December 2020. However, both home and auto loans have gained momentum and are heading to the pre-Covid-19 levels. Corporate loans also show resurgence, especially those from roads, steel, cement, healthcare and parts of infrastructure industries. He said the demand remains healthy and may improve further in the coming days.

Shri. Rao said he was not unduly worried about SMA-2 book as there are not many demands for loan restructuring. Regarding the retail and MSME loan restructuring, he said overall Rs 20,000 crore may be restructured by December 31st, but it could be much lesser than originally estimated. He clarified that the Bank was adequately capitalised and not looking at any fund raising.

The bank achieved an improvement in Net Interest Income by shedding the high-cost deposits from the amalgamated entity. He also spoke about MSME, net interest margin (NIM) besides other important economic and financial subjects.

Shri. Rao thanked the media which congratulated him for PNB’s utmost transparency in its investor report.

Here are major excerpts from the Press conference:

  1. Global Business of the Bank at Rs. 17,86,670 Crore with a YoY growth of 1.06%.
  2. Global Deposit of the Bank grew by 1.37% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 10,69,747 Crore.
  3. Domestic CASA Share improved by 253 bps on Y-o-Y basis to 44.10% in Sept’20. CASA Deposits grew by 7.01% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 4,59,477 Crore in Sept’20. Savings Deposit grew YoY by 9.05%.
  4. Gross Global Credit grew by 0.59% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 7,16,924 Crore.
  5. Retail, Agriculture & MSME (RAM) Credit grew by 5.73% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 3,76,477 Crore.
  6. Retail Credit grew by 3.85% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 1,30,158 Crore in Sept’20. Housing loan grew by 9.77% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 83,929 Crore in Sept’20.
  7. CRAR as per Basel III increased to 12.84% in Sept’20 from 12.63% in June’20.
  8. Operating Profit grew by 7.1% on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 5,675 Crore in Q2 FY’21.
  9. Net Profit for the quarter is at Rs. 621 Crore as on Sept’20 as against Net Profit of Rs 308 crore and Rs. 757 Crore as on June’20 and Sept’19 respectively.
  10. Global NIM improved to 3.21% in Q2FY21 from 2.5% in Q1FY21 and 2.58% in Q2FY20.
  11. NNPA ratio at 4.75% in Sep’20 improved by 64 bps from 5.39% in June’20.

Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) improved by 225 bps to 83.00% as on Sept’20 from 80.75% as on June’20.

By Sarkaritel November 4, 2020 05:10

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