Public notice on fake job offers in MRPL

By Sarkaritel May 28, 2019 21:13

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. (MRPL), is a Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and a subsidiary of Oil Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC). Our process of recruitment is most transparent, objective and designed to pick up the most promising for a rewarding career. MRPL does not charge any money in lieu of offering a job/appointment except by way of application fee as may be prescribed by the mode specified in our advertisements.

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous elements are issuing fraudulent/bogus appointment offers to job aspirants on monetary consideration. This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including bogus websites, online job boards, or through unsolicited emails. The aim of the fraud is to mislead you into believing you are applying for and/or obtaining employment from MRPL in order for these individuals or organizations to obtain moneyoryour personal information.MRPL would like to therefore, advise the aspirants, candidates and members of public at large, in their own interest, not to fall prey to the designs of unscrupulous elements who are offering employment in MRPL by charging money from unsuspecting aspirants /candidates.

MRPL recruits candidates by notifying the vacancies appropriately and by widely advertising the vacancies in leading National Dailies/Employment News and also by hosting the same on our websites The selections are made by following the selection process defined in our advertisements. These selections are made without charging any money and also only after Written Test/Interviews are formally conducted. Our recruitment process is largely e-enabled and right from the stage of application to the issue of Offers of Appointment to the candidates selected by MRPL are normally conducted through our recruitment website https://www. mrpl

Please note that all of our job openings are posted on this website. If you applied for a position or received a notice for a position at MRPL and it does not appear on our website, please disregard it. We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment or offers that do not appear on the official website of MRPL.

We have not authorized any person/institution/body to recruit on our behalf or to issue Offer of Appointment or for collecting any money in lieu of offering such offer of appointment.

We caution public at large to Beware of any fraudulent communication asking for money/payment/money transfers in lieu of offering a job/offer of appointment in MRPL.

Warning signs of potentially fraudulent activity:

  • Poorly formatted documentation with spelling and grammatical errors is an indication of potentially fraudulent activity. MRPL takes great pride in making sure our hiring documentation, advertisements, and emails are error-free.
  • Receipt of communications from domain names not affiliated with MRPL. The MRPL policy for email communications requires the sole use of “”.Emails with a domain name not affiliated with MRPL, should be disregarded. Examples of domain addresses that MRPL does not use for any of its communications include “”, “”and“” etc..
  • Applicants are asked to only contact a mobile phone number rather than an office phone number.
  • Applicants are asked to participate in an “interview” by chat or email. MRPL does not conduct “interviews” by chat or email.
  • Requests for money transfers are one of the biggest signs of potentially fraudulent activity. Neither MRPL nor its outside recruiters, if any would require applicants to submit money for travel, processing fees, or other expenses.
  • Requests for personal information early in the process, such as your address, date of birth, passport information, social security number, or banking details are also signs of potentially fraudulent activity. MRPL has a confidential and documented communication process for requesting personal information.
  • Insistence on urgency for you to act on the correspondence received within very short time frames should cause concern and may indicate potentially fraudulent activity.

If you have any concerns, see suspicious job advertisements, or receive suspicious communications that reference MRPL, please submit an inquiry through our ‘Contact’ page or at

We advise you to contact local police if you believe you are the victim of any fraudulent activity.

By Sarkaritel May 28, 2019 21:13