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“Nutrition Awareness Programme”  for students from Neyveli schools pursuing sports, was inaugurated by Shri R.Vikraman, Director/HR, NLCIL at Neyveli today (11.11.2019).  NLC India Limited  has always been the front runner in promoting  holistic development of students. Promotion of sports among students is an integral part of this endeavour. NLCIL has recognised the need for providing quality coaching  to students pursuing sports activities, with a special emphasis on those who hail from rural background through the NLCIL Sports Development Centre.

In line with the CSR theme of the current year – “Education, Health & Nutrition”, as part of catch them young programme 179 school students from peripheral villages studying in various Neyveli schools were identified by NLCIL Sports Development Centre for providing coaching to develop their potentital in their respective area of sports/games. As part of coaching,  Health check-up including Blood tests for the general assessment of the health of the students was done. In continuation of the health check up,  a “Nutrition Awareness Programme” was organised for the students who had undergone the medical check up and other students pursuing sports activities in order to help them to transform their food habits for a better health and enhanced  sports performances.

The Programme was organised through  SANO Holistic Nutrition Clinic, Chennai, Ms. K.P. Divya Purushothaman, Founder and Chief Nutritionist has conducted the programme and  provided all and required inputs on nutritious food that are to be taken by the students pursuing sports. Smt. Divya listed out the three factors for the performance of Sports persons viz., Skill  Development, Nutritious food and Rest & Recovery.

Shri R.Vikraman, while inaugurating the above programme appreciated the sports talents amongst the Neyvveli children, their successful participation in various National/State/District level sports and games competitions and bringing laurels to Neyveli by winning a number of competitions.  He also appreciated the two students of Neyveli whose photographs and details found part in the Tamil Nadu State Board Text Book for 6th Std. English.

By Sarkaritel November 12, 2019 05:30

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