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VIPs participated in the final day function of the Zonal Level Safety Week Celebrations-2019 held at Neyveli on 18-08-2019. (From Left) Shri Neeraj Kumar, Shri R.A. Krishnakumar, Shri Prabhakar Chowki, Shri Raghupathi Peddi Reddy, Shri T. Venkatasubramanian, Shri Jagadish Chandra Mazumdar, Shri R. Vikraman and Shri P. Ramasamy.

NLC India Ltd., coming under this  Neyveli Zone, one among the five Zones of Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Salem, Trichy, Neyveli and Tirunelveli consisting of 675 Mines) organised the 59th Zonal level Safety Week celebrations from 12.08.2019 onwards jointly with Tamil Nadu Mines Safety Association (TNMSA) under the aegis of Directorate General of Mines Safety, Government of India at Neyveli. The final day celebrations was held on 18th August, 2019.

Shri R. Vikraman, Director/HR, NLCIL, presided over the function.  In his Presidential address, he stated that NLC India Limited had proved its commitment to Safety by completing the Neyveli New Thermal Power Project, first of its kind in Asia, without any accident to men and material. A small warm-up meeting organised for the contract workers every day resulted in working with a safety-conscious mindset which eventually resulted in achievement of this milestone, he added.

He recalled how the Safety Week celebrations used to be the only popular public event, in Neyveli  in the past with the participation of the employees and their families with the innovative  models/prototypes enthralling everyone.  He called upon the Industrial Units to convert the innovative Safety models displayed at the Safety Exhibition into implementation at the workspots which would be encouraged by the Management. He opined that workers and employees should attend duty with a peaceful mindset devoid of any domestic stress as most of the accidents at work spots took place due to thoughtless and reckless actions.

Shri Raghupathi Peddi Reddy, Deputy Director of Mines Safety, Chennai Region was the Chief Guest.  In his address, he praised NLC India’s efforts in converting Brown field into Green field, that is, producing the Brown coal and converting the de-coaled areas into Green fertile lands through innovative reclamation techniques. Stressing the importance of “Community Safety”, he said  Safety awareness should percolate to the individual family members in a society so that unsafe instances like workmen attending duty in intoxicated state would be minimized. He also cautioned the workmen that when Neyveli Mines are excavating about 20 Crore Cubic Metres of Overburden with giant machineries, highest degree of safeguards and  safety precautions to be ensured and that safety interlocks should never be bypassed or ignored on any account.

Shri Prabhakar Chowki, Director/Mines, in his address, informed that, Neyveli Mines are adopting world best technologies and practices with inbuilt  safety practices.  To improve Safety in Mines, Risk Assessment and Safety Management Plans were put in place and about 574 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) formed.  Enforcing SOP at work sites and sensitizing the persons on risks improved Safety.  He also underlined that Safety awareness should come from one’s own inner self instead of coming from the enforcing authorities.

Shri T. Venkatasubramanian, Chief Vigilance Officer, NLC India Limited, Shri Jagadish Chandra Mazumdar, CGM/Mine-II, Shri Neeraj Kumar, GM/Central Safety, Shri R.A. Krishnakumar, ED/Dalmia Cements, also Chairman of Tamil Nadu Mines Safety Association (TNMSA), Shri P. Ramasamy, Assistant Vice-President, India Cements Ltd., also Secretary of TNMSA, spoke on the occasion.

In commemoration of the occasion, an exhibition was organised at the Book Fair grounds in Lignite Hall premises, in which all Mine Units of NLCIL displayed working models on Road Safety, Industrial Safety and Domestic Safety.  A number of Senior officials, employees, and their families and  general public enthusiastically visited the Exhibition.

The overall performance trophy for Safety among all Neyveli Mines was awarded to Neyveli Mine-II.

By Sarkaritel August 19, 2019 19:24