Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia District, Assam 27 June 2020

By Sarkaritel June 27, 2020 15:57

Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia District, Assam 27	June 2020

Day’s Operation called off for the Day for Flood: After Heavy Rainfall at Baghjan since last few days, the area has been severely hit by flood and the site has been fully inundated with flood water. All River levels are rising constantly. Dangori River is overflowing. All connecting roads to the site have been submerged with flood water. The approach road to the Debris Area via Plastic Park Road has been closed by District Administration for all vehicular traffic from the bridge over Maguri Beel as the road from the bridge to well site it is severely damaged by flood water. At many places water is flowing over the road with knee to waist deep water. The stretches of water overflow are about 150 to 200 metres each. Flood water has entered the Debris area and has inundated large area. The Kill Pump area is completely flooded. OIL CMT Water Pump area is submerged with flood water. In view of the above, working condition at site has been considered Unsafe for the day and all operations at site have been called off for the day today. PWD and OIL engineers are jointly inspecting the roads. 

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment by M/s ERM: All areas are submerged with flood water. The team will make an effort to collect sample.
  • TERI Study on Air quality & Noise level: Considering the flood situation all around the site, exercises for the study will be kept on hold for 2-3 days till near normalcy returns. Recording of data at already installed meters will continue.
  • TERI study on Bioremediation of Sludge: The bioremediation job has been put on hold till the water level recedes in the earmarked sites.
  • CSIR-NEIST/NGRI Seismological study: All areas in the vicinity of the installed seismometers are almost submerged with flood water due to incessant rainfall. 

Preparation for Capping the Well:

  • Operation called off for the day at site: Operation at site has been called off for the day due to severe flood condition. However, fire service personnel are stationed at strategic locations for handling any emergency situation. Operations at OIL workshops continue.
  • Mobilization of Equipment from Outside: Following equipment/materials reached yesterday/today.
  • Packing Element for Casing Hanger from Singapore on 26-06-2020
  • Athey wagon Tractor and Boom from ONGC-Kakinada on 26-06-220
  • Frac Pump Unit with Blender from ONGC- Kakinada on 27-06-2020
  • Fabrication of BOP Raiser: Fabrication of one number BOP Raiser for use by Alert team is completed and is ready for shift to site once flood situation is normal.
  • Servicing of Equipment at OIL’s CMT Yard: Servicing of Athey Wagon that reached Duliajan on 26-06-2020 is in progress. Servicing of High Water Discharge Pump is also in progress by ONGC & OIL’s CMT Team.
  • Testing of Auxiliary Equipment: Servicing and testing of 2 nos. of air compressors is completed and is ready for shifting to site once the road condition improves.
  • Transfer of additional Water Pump: Transfer of Pump set for Pump Station #02 is in hold due to prevailing road conditions.
  • Fabrication of Heat Shields: Fabrication of heat Shield for Excavator is in progress. Four more heat shields are under fabrication too.

Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Surveys for Assessment of damage for compensation by the committee constituted by District Administration have been affected due to Heavy Rainfall and Flood. Assessment for 540 families completed in Doomdooma and Tinsukia Circle. .

Impact on Oil/Gas Production due to Protests

  • Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 88 MT of Crude Oil and 0.13 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 26-06-2020. Operations were disrupted in 13 Oil wells and 1 gas wells. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 8658 MT Crude oil, 11.12 MMSCM of natural gas.
By Sarkaritel June 27, 2020 15:57