Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia District, Assam 25 June 2020

By Sarkaritel June 25, 2020 17:11

Flood at Baghjan: After heavy rainfall since last 3 days, the area has been badly hit by flood and the site has been inundated with flood water. The Kill Pump area is completely flooded. OIL CMT Water Pump area is submerged with flood water. Dangori River has already started overflowing. All connecting roads to the site have been submerged with flood water. Currently, there is only one connecting road (Plastic Park Road) which is narrow at places resulting in challenges in movement of men and material.

Damage of Bridge: A bridge in between Doomdooma and Baghjan road got damaged due to heavy rainfall.  All movement over the bridge has stopped which is hampering the movement of men and material to Baghjan EPS. On request from OIL, Army personnel will assess the condition of the bridge to find out the next course of action.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment by M/s ERM is continuing.
  • TERI Study on Air quality & Noise level: Data of air quality and noise level are being constantly recorded and monitored at the Analyzers installed by TERI at various locations.
  • TERI study on Bioremediation of Sludge: Due to heavy shower, Photography and Videography of the affected areas couldn’t be carried out by Drone fly camera for aerial survey yesterday. The survey will be carried out depending on weather condition. The site got inundated with flood water and hence next course of action is to be explored.
  • CSIR-NEIST/NGRI Seismological study: Recording for geophysical monitoring of tremors is in progress.
  • Vegetation Impact Assessment by Assam Agriculture University: Team from Assam Agricultural University made a preliminary survey on vegetation impact assessment of the area on 09.06.2020 and a new assessment team has arrived  today and visiting the site  for assessment.


Preparation for Capping the Well:

  • Planning of Activities Post Flood Situation: OIL team held a meeting with M/s Alert and ONGC-CMT team to deliberate and plan out activities for way ahead on urgent situation arising out of flood at site and connecting roads. The site has been inundated with flood water, which is severely affecting progress and further planning of work.
  • Assessment by Alert Team: ALERT Team is visiting the well site to reassess the site readiness post flood situation to initiate debris clearing process.
  • Development of debris Laydown Area:Work hampered due to incessant rainfall. Civil work is in progress in spite of inclement weather and soft soil condition. Overall progress: 70%.
  • Development of Kill Pump Area: Work hampered due to incessant rainfall.Civil work is in progress in spite of inclement weather and soft soil condition. Overall progress: 35%.
  • ONGC CMT Water Pump#01&#02: Pump #01 is ready.Connection of 12” delivery line with header and connection of Radiator & Fan Assembly is completed, while alignment job of the fan and drive pulley is in progress for Pump #02.
  • ONGC CMT Pump #03: Servicing and testing is planned for the engine of CMT Water Pump which is planned to be installed today.
  • Water Pump Station #01 & #02: Job for placing one more Water Pump was in progress but job could not be completed due to heavy rainfall and rising water level of Dangori River.
  • Clearing of Debris:Removal of debris from the well site which is a very important part of the operation has started today.


Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Surveys for Assessment of damage for compensation by the committee constituted by District Administration are in progress. Assessment for 500families completed in Doomdooma and Tinsukia Circle. Heavy rainfall and flood is affecting the survey.


Impact on Oil/GasProduction due to Protests

  • Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 88 MT of Crude Oil and 0.15 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 24-06-2020. Operations were disrupted in 14 Oil wells and 1 gas well. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 8482 MT Crude oil, 10.85 MMSCM of natural gas.
By Sarkaritel June 25, 2020 17:11