Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia District, Assam 22 June 2020

By Sarkaritel June 22, 2020 17:17

Pollution Control Board of Assam (PCBA) served a Closure Notice directing OIL to close down all the production as well as Drilling operations of all installations of Baghjan Oilfield forthwith. Chairman PCBA spoke to CMD-OIL today and the Closure Notice is in the process of being lifted.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment by M/s ERM: Sample collection for air/water/noise quality is underway at Baghjan side, Doba Gaon, Dorji Gaon, Guijan side of Lesenga Gaon and Bebejia.Samples collected for ecological survey, viz. vegetation survey, fish survey, avifaunal survey, collection of vegetation and soil.The study will be continued till one week beyond the date of capping the well successfully.
  • TERI Study on Air quality & Noise level: Data of air quality and noise level are being constantly recorded and monitored at the Analyzers installed by TERI at various locations. Sample collection for particle matter and others are being carried out for analysis by TERI.
  • TERI study on Bioremediation of Sludge: Initial cleaning job as a part of bio remedial process will be continued in the affected areas.
  • CSIR-NEIST/NGRI Seismological study: Recording for geophysical monitoring of tremors is in progress from all stations. Analysis of data will be carried out in Jorhat and Hyderabad.


Preparation for Capping the Well

  • Packing element for casing hanger: Packing element for casing hanger will be air lifted from Singapore today.
  • Fabrication of Casing Clamp: Fabrication of Casing Clamp and Storz coupling is expected to be completed by late evening today (95% job completed).
  • Consignment coming from outside Assam: The consignments being mobilized from outside Assam were stuck at Dalkhota, West Bengal for very long waiting queue for COVID testing yesterday. Vehicles carrying second load of Equipment/Materials mobilized from ONGC–Rajahmundry, Two vehicles carrying equipment/materials mobilized from ONGC- Vadodara and aTrailer with Bulldozer mobilized from ONGC- Vadodara are in transit.
  • Land Development: There is a delay in developing the land due to inclement weather and soft ground condition. In order to mitigate the delay and make access of vehicles and placement equipment at the site, actions initiated for mobilizing Heavy-Duty Composite Porta Deck Mats from Kolkata and Guwahati. Materials are expected to be loaded today.
  • Water Delivery Line Laying completed over Bailey Bridge: Laying of water delivery lines over the Baily Bridge has been completed at 06:00 hours today after whole night work at site. Connections for sourcing water from Dangori River are underway.
  • Water Reservoir @12000 KL: The water reservoir is ready for filling once all the connections of delivery lines as mentioned above from water sourcing pumps at Dangori River are completed.
  • Transportation of Tested Equipment to Site: Transferring of heat shields to the site is planned for today. Transportation of other tested equipment/ machineries/auxiliaries from OIL CMT and Equipment Yard to the well site is underway.
  • Visit of Alert Team to Site: One team of M/s ALERT is visiting wellsite to assess the overall progress of site preparation for well capping operation.

Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Survey for Assessment of damagefor compensation by the committee constituted by District Administration is underway in Doomdooma and Tisukia Circle.


Law and Order/Bandhs/Blockades etc.

  • Although Baghjan EPS blockade was lifted on 20-06-2020, protests outside of Baghjan area are still continuing. Producing oil/gas wells continue to be stopped/blocked in some areas resulting in significant loss of oil & gas production. Further, drilling and work over operations at 6 locations also continue to be obstructed.

Impact on Oil/GasProduction due to Protests

Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 149 MT of Crude Oil and 0.16 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 21-06-2020. Operations were disrupted in 22 Oil wells and 1 gas wells. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 8162 MT Crude oil, 10.4 MMSCM of natural gas.

By Sarkaritel June 22, 2020 17:17