Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia 29 June 2020

By Sarkaritel June 29, 2020 19:07

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment by M/s ERM: Air quality and Noise level monitoring / ground water sample collection / soil sample collection were carried out in Baghjan side yesterday, while Noise level monitoring was carried out in Guijan side. Air quality monitoring couldn’t be carried out in Guijan side because of waterlogging. Ecological survey carried out in Maguri Grassland area. Consultation with local ecological expert carried out at Natungaon. The study will be continued till one week beyond the date of capping the well successfully.
  • TERI Study on Air Quality & Noise Level: Samples for monitoring air quality and noise level are being collected for analysis. Recording of data at already installed meters is in progress.
  • TERI study on Bioremediation of Sludge: The bioremediation job has been put on hold till the water level recedes in the earmarked sites.
  • CSIR-NEIST/NGRI Seismological Study: Recording in progress. Currently, 5 sets of sensors including an accelerometer are recording data.


Preparation for Capping the Well

  • Debris Removal: Debris Removal activity has been resumed, which is oneof the most critical components of capping operation of the blowout well.
  • Civil Work for Alternate Approach Road:Flood had severely damaged most of the connecting roads to site resulting in delay in shifting equipment/ materials to site. Repairing job of the road on Tinsukia Bypass,viz. Plastic Park-Kaliapani–Baghjan well is being carried out on war footing jointly by OIL and APWD for vehicular movement. Repairing of another road Talap–Kordoiguri–Bandarkhati-Bhaghjan EPS is also being repaired for entry into Baghjan EPS.
  • Civil work at Site: Civil work for building safe walkways, passages etc. in and around the site in water submerged areas and temporary sheds for equipment etc. are being carried out continuously as per requirement.
  • Equipment on Wait for shifting due to Road Condition:Following equipment/items are ready for shifting to site after inspection/servicing and arrangementsare in progress for safe transportation of these items.
    • 1 No. Excavator
    • 1 no. Bull Dozer
    • 1 no. Bunk house
    • 2 nos. Welding & cutting sets
    • 1 no. 63 KVA DG set from NDRF camp to Pump Station side
    • 1 no. 5 KVA DG set to ONGC-CMT Pump Area
  • Servicing of Equipment/ Fabrication of heat shields at OIL’s CMT Yard: Servicing of Athey Wagon and fabrication work of heat shields for 2nd Excavator and 2nd Bull Dozer are in progress.
  • Equipment/Material mobilized from outside: Few equipment/ materials mobilized from outside are on transit. Consignments are delayed on transit due to heavy rain and heavy traffic jam enroute.


Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Although water level is receding in Relief Camp areas, rainfall and flood is affecting the relief camps.
  • Surveys for Assessment of damage for compensation by the committee constituted by District Administration have been affected due to Heavy Rainfall and Flood. Assessment for 19 families completed yesterday amidst bad weather in Doomdooma Circle making total number of families surveyed till date in Doomdooma and Tinsukia Circle 622 families.


Impact onOil/GasProduction due to Protests

  • Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 86 MT of Crude Oil and 0.13 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 28-06-2020. Operations were disrupted in 13 Oil wells and 1 gas wells. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 8832 MT Crude oil, 11.38 MMSCM of natural gas.


Any other Issue

OIL’s senior officials including Director (Operations) & RCE visited site yesterday afternoon to assess the actual status of actions taken for protecting environmental damage due to blowout.

By Sarkaritel June 29, 2020 19:07