Blowout in Gas Well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Tinsukia 23 July 2020

By Sarkaritel July 23, 2020 18:59

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment by M/s ERM: Ecological survey carried out in the DSNP, Maguri-Motapung Beel and Baghjan area. Environment Monitoring by M/s ERM has been completed prior to Capping of well. Post monitoring of the well will be carried out after capping of the well.
  • TERI Study on Air Quality & Noise Level: Recording of data at already installed analysers is in progress. Sample collection for monitoring of air quality and noise level for analysis is also being carried out.
  • TERI study on Bioremediation of Sludge: Site preparation prior to bio remediation job in high land areas along the roadside from Kaliapani Bridge to Baghjan village is in progress.
  • CSIR-NEIST Seismological Study: Recording is in progress for seismological study in the vicinity of Baghjan-5 well.
  • IIT– Guwahati Study on Thermal Mapping & Sonic Measurement: The team from IIT Guwahati completed data collection for thermal imaging and sound measurement at required areas under guidance of district officials and OIL team. Interpretation of the data will be carried out using specialized software at IIT Guwahati and the report will be submitted soon.

Preparation for Capping the Well

  • Excavation of Ramps and Cellar:
  • Opening of Well Head Flange: Completed
  • Alert Experts: The three experts from Alert who sustained minor burn injury yesterday while removing the tubing head spool, are doing perfectly alright. Today morning OIL doctors visited them in guest house and confirmed good recovery.
  • Final Preparation for Capping Operation: Crew members of OIL, ONGC, Alert, Schlumberger and other Contractors are at site and the final preparation for placing Capping Stack is underway at the time of reporting. The Capping stack is ready and is wrapped up with Ceramic blanket and Ceramic cloths.
  • Final Preparation for Killing Operation after Capping of the Well: Sufficient chemicals are in place at site. Recce already carried out for Coil tubing job and BP placement after well killing operation.
  • Other Fabrication Job: Fabrication jobs as per the requirement are being carried out at site Workshop facility.
  • Water Deluge System: All six numbers of High Discharge CMT Water Pumps are in operation at site for spraying water to the well head during the operation. Total 8 nos. of water pumps are available for filling both the water reservoirs periodically.

Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Survey for Damage Assessment: Survey for assessment of damage for compensation in both Tinsukia and Doomdooma Circle is in progress. Total number of families surveyed till 22.07.2020 both combined in Doomdooma and Tinsukia circle is 1906.

Law and Order/Bandhs/Blockades etc.

  • Closure of Wells: Few oil/gas wells under Baghjan EPS are shut in since 07-07-2020 forced by protesters. Some wells were opened yesterday.
  • Blockade at Drilling/Workover Locations: Blockade at 1 workover location was lifted yesterday. Operation at 2 drilling locations and 3 workover locations continue to be obstructed.

Impact on Oil/Gas Production due to Protests

  • Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 310 MT of Crude Oil and 1.17 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 22-07-2020. Operations were disrupted in 10 Oil wells & 05 gas wells. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 15900 MT Crude oil, 35.17 MMSCM of natural gas.
By Sarkaritel July 23, 2020 18:59

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