Vigilant India Prosperous India : By Dr. Uttiya Bhattacharyya

By Sarkaritel October 30, 2020 11:27

Vigilant India Prosperous India :  By Dr. Uttiya Bhattacharyya

Dr. Uttiya Bhattacharyya, Executive Director & State Head, IndianOil Corporation Limited, UPSO I

The Chauri Chaura incident happened on February 4th, 1922 in the village of Chauri Chaura in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh and immediately the Non-Cooperation Movement was called off by Mahatma Gandhi. The Satyagraha movement of non-violence and non-cooperation was in the second year when in 1922 the incident occurred in Chauri Chaura and then Mahatma did not hesitate to call off the movement that had matured over the past two years as the act was not ‘non-violence’. The principles were breached and that he considered his own responsibility and not only called off the movement but went to jail for two years. Gandhiji read out a statement in the court that said ‘I wanted to avoid violence.

Non-violence is the first article in my faith, it is also the last article of my creed. But I had to make my choice. I had either to submit to a system which I considered had done an irreparable harm to my country or incur the risk of the mad fury of my people bursting forth when they understood the truth from my lip. I know that my people have sometime gone mad. I am deeply sorry for it and I am therefore, here to submit not to a light penalty but to the highest penalty. I do not ask for mercy. I do not plead my extenuating act.’

The above experience teaches lessons for the future. The leader was vigilant on the developments, rooted to the objective, clear in his conscience and accepted the responsibility with humility that reaffirmed the resolve in the team many times higher to be successful in the objective of a prosperous India. If we look at the incident from another perspective, we find that Gandhiji as a leader acquired enormous power and unflinching support of the entire nation through his principles and practice of non-violence in resolving disputes.

The power was not borrowed from external sources like the position we hold or the material wealth we possess or the aggression someone portrays but came from within. His self-realization was much above normal that drew people to him for his knowledge and guidance. Here the physical stature, wealth, position, arms and ammunitions or aggression falls short to self-realization, knowledge, determination, a vigilant self. Appropriate power and a vigilant self and society are inseparable. Both are required for any individual, an institution or the government to perform and a society to maintain its equilibrium.

Unexpectedly, neither society nor its organizations can function without the appropriate power. This is also true that without vigilant citizen the country cannot prosper. Government cannot fulfill its basic functions without the power to tax and spend, to make law, and to enforce them. At the same time a vigilant eye brings perpetrators to book. Roadways would be chaotic if police lacked the power to enforce traffic regulations. Similarly, without vigilant traffic and technology maintaining regulation would be impossible.

Our business organizations would quickly go to pieces if boards and managers lacked the power to make and implement strategy, to hire and fire, and to compensate employees. Here also vigilant employees perform as alert checks and balances. Recognizing the necessity of power, democratic societies allow certain individuals and institutions to have power if they use it within the bounds of policy, custom, or law, and in the service of ends that the majority accepts as legitimate. However, the misuse of this power can be traced by vigilant citizen and its leaders.

In an organizational context this means that power gives someone the potential, to perform activities like determine compensation for subordinates, obtain funding, material and staff for key projects, have access to important information, resolve dispute, clear any barriers to progress and determine key goals and marshal resources around them.

Here comes the role of a vigilant employee who observes violation and alerts the system to rectify and plugs the gap. Power that is used wisely in workplace is more likely to produce effectiveness and motivation than oppression and poor morale provided there are vigilant employees to reassure self and the team that all are as per procedure. While effectiveness brings prosperity the role of vigilant self is of immense importance is bringing about the transformation.

Failing to possess and use power when the situation calls for it results in indecision, delays, and sometimes mischief. At every point in time taking decisions and leading the team the above need to be realized. As an individual we need to be vigilant of our self-first. The obvious question that should be asked to self whether the actions of mine are in the interest of the country and organization and as per the laid down norms. A vigilant India starts with a vigilant self. The moral rectitude shown by Gandhiji taught us to lead within the framework of norms and national objective to prosper.

If as a leader, a team member, a subordinate, a peer, a superior, we are vigilant to the concept of adhering to the larger objective of the organization that draws its power from the mission and the vision of the organization and are guided by the policies framed to navigate, prosperity will follow automatically. In nation building each individual need to be vigilant to make the organization prosper and the collective action will deliver a prosperous India.

The sixth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita teaches us self-realization or Aatma Saiyam yoga. The science of self-realization says one should lift oneself by one’s own efforts and should not degrade oneself; for one’s own self is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy. He who has overcome attachment both to sense objects and to actions, and who is free from all ego-instigated planning- that man is said to have attained firm union of soul with spirit.  Gandhiji taught us through the decision after the Chauri Chaura incident how a leader lift one’s self for a greater cause and prosperity of the nation. The incident in my views depicts a Satark Bharat for Samriddh Bharat.

By Sarkaritel October 30, 2020 11:27