River clean up and lake revival

By Sarkaritel February 2, 2020 11:45

NEER has the distinction of bringing out the first detailed census of natural water resources structures of Meerut district titled ‘Talabo ki Sthiti’. After initiating number of meetings with the ministers and government officials, NEER has formulated a ‘River policy’ draft for Uttar Pradesh State along with other water experts. Known across the state as Jal Doot (water warrior), Raman Kant has inducted more than 500 Jal Doots as activists who volunteer towards water conservation.

The revival work on rivers Hindon, Kali (East), Krishni, Kali (West) and other tributaries has been going on aggressively. Water samples are tested for marking of pollutants and sent to state government and ministries concerned.

The direct and indirect beneficiaries of this water and river conservation programmes number more than a lakh of people as these rivers touch several villages, affecting all the residents of these communities.

The organisation recently mobilized a river clean-up programme at the Hindon river stretch which saw turnover of thousands of volunteers and provided clean flowing river stretch for about 15 kms. Also, Kali East river’s origin is being revived through recharging lakes established along the recharging pits at Antwada village.

NEER believes that the work of water and river conservation will greatly benefit from technical support by water management experts and environment conservationists. The government should extend technical expertise to the

Future plans: The organisation looks forward to more river cleanup programmes, better river waste discharge management, and stricter pollution control norms and more community involvement. To achieve these goals, the
government needs to be more actively focused and should help the persons or organisations that are working on the ground with technical assistance.

Raman Kant, Director, NEER Foundation, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

By Sarkaritel February 2, 2020 11:45