Rejuvenation, cleaning natural water bodies

By Sarkaritel December 28, 2019 11:22

Working in the Konkan region for past 25 years under the support and guidance of Padma Vibhushan late Mohan Dhariaji, Kishor Dharia, known as Jal Nayak in his area, has also worked in close association with Rajendra Singh, the Magsaysay award winner waterman of India.

His focus is on rejuvenation and cleaning of existing, natural water bodies, reuse and recycling of water by propagation of rain water harvesting and creating awareness on the protection, nurturing and maintenance of our water sources with the active participation of Farmers’groups, Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs), school children and local citizens.

He is the chief promoter of ‘Gandhari River Rejuvenation’ – one of the four rivers of Konkan region– that has been selected for cleaning and rejuvenation with more than 20 embankments and more than 100 Vanarai bandharas (bunds) constructed for water storage in various regions every year. Along with organising government-sponsored and private well cleanliness drives, Kishor Dharia has also been instrumental in rehabilitation of 5,000 wells and borewells.

More than 3600 families have benefitted with these water conservation works for agriculture and drinking water.
Dharia has an important suggestion for the government of Maharashtra.

Existing embankments/bunds that have been completed in the last 20 years have not been surveyed by any government officials. As many as 80% of these are damaged and not functional. These need to be repaired for effective water conservation, for which a time frame survey is needed to evaluate percentage of damaged embankments, repair cost with correct plans and measures. These can be repaired at 25% of the cost of
constructionof new embankments.

His suggests a national survey of all existing old and new water bodies (at least 15 years old) to do a SWOT analysis so that they can be repaired and rejuvenated.

Kishor Chandrakant Dharia, Chairman, Hirwal Pratishthan,
Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)

By Sarkaritel December 28, 2019 11:22