Natural gas network in industrial areas of UP

By Sarkaritel December 29, 2020 06:48

Natural gas network in industrial areas of UP

Lucknow, Dec 29  In view of the rapid industrial growth and investment in the manufacturing sector in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government has issued guidelines for the supply of piped natural gas (PNG) to the industrial development authorities with the objective of environmental conservation and providing safe fuel to the industries.

Necessary steps are being taken to convert the major highways of the state into Green Energy Corridors to promote the use of pollution-free fuel in the transport sector.

State Minister for Industrial Development, Satish Mahana said the Industrial Development Authorities had been directed to allow authorized gas companies and facilitate them in laying pipelines for the network of natural gas in areas of state’s industrial development authorities.

He said this would help in not only ensuring environmental protection but would also enable safe fuel supply to the units set up in the industrial areas of the state along with mitigating pressure on transportation.

Alok Kumar, additional chief secretary, Infrastructure and Industrial Development, said that directions have been issued to NOIDA, Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YIDA), U.P. State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA), Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA), Satharia Industrial Development Authority (SIDA) and Lucknow Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) to provide required support to gas companies in development of piped natural gas (PNG) network.

He said that in addition to being safe, the PNG proves to be economical also due to savings on storage and transportation expenses.

The Infrastructure and Industrial Development department has issued a government order to all the Chief Executive Officers of aforementioned industrial development authorities to implement the ‘Dig and Restore’ policy of the Urban Development department in industrial areas in compliance of Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) directives for development of city gas distribution (CGD) network based on geographical area.

These industrial development authorities have been directed to permit and facilitate infrastructure development by authorized gas companies for supply of piped natural gas (PNG).

Under the ‘Dig and Restore’ policy, permission has been given to lay underground pipelines for gas supply through the use of such technologies that do not affect or interrupt traffic and normal activities.

It provides that the gas company must submit a bank guarantee before getting the permission for laying a gas pipeline or setting up a pit or chamber. If the digging and restoration work done by the company is found to be satisfactory, then a No-objection certificate (NoC) will be provided and the bank guarantee will be returned within a month from the receipt of such NoC.

Alok Kumar said to promote the use of pollution-free fuel in vehicles for transportation, UPSIDA has been instructed to provide support to the City Gas Distribution Licensees in setting up necessary facilities in its area for the supply of CNG under the programme to convert the major highways of the state into Green Energy Corridors.

By Sarkaritel December 29, 2020 06:48

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