More allocations for most UTs in Budget 2022-23

Published by News Desk February 2, 2022

New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) The Union Budget 2022-23 has allocated more funds to the Ministry of Home Affairs-administered Union Territories. According to the Budget proposals for the current fiscal, with a hike of 6.98 per cent, the total allocation for the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been pegged at Rs 5,763.65 crore, an increase of Rs 376.24 crore over last year's Rs 5,387.41 crore. For Chandigarh, the total allocation is Rs 5,382.79 crore, an increase of Rs 196.67 crore from Rs 5,186.12 crore in 2021-22. This is an increase of 3.79 per cent from last year's allocation. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu has been allocated Rs 3,781.10 crore, an increase of Rs 217.51 crore, or 6.10 per cent). The Capital Allocation has been increased from Rs 764.83 crore in Budget Estimate (BE) 21-22 to Rs 875.10 crore in BE 22-23 which is an increase of Rs 110.27 crore or 14.42 per cent. For Ladakh, the total allocation in BE 2022-23 is Rs 5,958.00 crore, at the same level as in BE 21-22 while Lakshadweep was allocated Rs 1,421.50 crore. The total allocation in BE 22-23 for Delhi is Rs 1,168 crore, an increase of Rs 210.49 crore or 21.98 per cent, from Rs 957.51 crore in BE 21-22. An additional amount of Rs 200 crore has also been allocated as Central assistance for the Chandrawal Water Plant and Rs 10 crore as contribution to the Delhi Disaster Response Fund. Jammu and Kashmir has been given a total allocation of Rs 35,581.44 crore, an increase of Rs 4,824.44 crore or 15.69 per cent from BE 21-22's Rs 30, 575.00 crore. J&K has also been given an additional funds, provided as Grant for Prime Minister Development Projects (PMDP Projects) of Rs 273 crore, a Rs 476.44 crore grant for Ratle hydro electric plant, a Rs 130 crore grant for 624 MW Kiur hydro electric plant, and additional grant of Rs 500 crore for capital expenditure. In Puducherry, the total allocation in BE 2022-23 is Rs 1,729.79 crore like the last financial year.
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