Canadian C-17 Globemaster carries out relief operations in Nepal, airlifts 100 people

By Sarkaritel April 30, 2015 20:27

Canadian C-17 Globemaster carries out relief operations in Nepal, airlifts 100 people

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New Delhi, April 30 “A Canadian Armed Forces C-17 Globemaster airlifted about 100 people, including Canadians and some foreign nations from quiake-hit Nepal and reached New Delhi yesterday.

More than 70 other Canadian have already been able to depart from Nepal on commercial flights, according to  the Canadian Embassy said here.

“A second C-17 Globemaster is currently en route to Kathmandu and is transporting an additional 51 Canadian Armed Forces personnel, including medical staff, civil-military cooperation personnel, aero movement specialists, signalers and support personnel. Equipment onboard includes a cargo vehicle, military ambulance and a forklift to ensure that the Disaster Assistance Response Team [DART] is not taxing local resources. This to dsecond C-17 will also be used to airlift more Canadians and others requiring assistance, Canadian Foeign Minister Rob Nicholson said in a statement.

He said  Canadian officials had been working tirelessly to assist Canadians in Nepal.  In New Delhi, Canadians will be provided with consular assistance, including help with travel documents, transportation and lodging on the ground and medical assistance.

“The Emergency Watch and Response Centre [EWRC] was working round the clock to locate all Canadians believed to have been in the affected area at the time the earthquake hit and reach out to all Canadians affected.

“Officials are on the ground and coordinating rescue efforts with our allies whose helicopters and assets are in the area. Our consular officials are providing the last known coordinates of Canadians in remote areas to our allies, and, despite the challenges, we will continue to provide assistance to those who may be stranded.

“Earlier today, members of the DART landed in Kathmandu and joined Canada’s assessment team and other DART members who were already in Nepal. Together, they are assessing how Canada can best contribute to relief and recovery operations on the ground, the minister added.

Additional consular and emergency assistance personnel, as well as consular specialists from our High Commission in New Delhi are on the ground to provide additional capacity to our consulate in Kathmandu.

“Canadians able to reach Kathmandu and in need of assistance to depart should make their way to the Phora Durbar American Club, located in central Kathmandu near the Thamel neighborhood, where a Canadian consular service point has been established. Those not able to reach Kathmandu should contact the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi, India, or the EWRC, the statement said.

The Minister said that  Canadians who wish to help those affected by this crisis are invited to contribute to registered Canadian charities that are responding to the impact of the Nepal earthquake. For every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities in response to the earthquake, the Canadian government will set aside one dollar for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. The Canadian government will use the money set aside for the Relief Fund to provide assistance through international and Canadian humanitarian and development organizations, using established Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada channels and procedures.”

Canadian citizens in the affected region requiring emergency consular assistance should contact the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi, India, by calling +91 11 4178 2000, or contact Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre at +1 613 996 8885 (collect calls are accepted where available). An email can also be sent to


By Sarkaritel April 30, 2015 20:27

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