Homoeopathy – A Boon For The New World Order

By Sarkaritel April 9, 2021 18:12

10thApril is celebrated as the World Homoeopathy Day every year as it marks the birth anniversary of the Founder of Homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. Based on their specific symptoms and similarity, the homeopathic doctor will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient and the medicine acts as a catalyst in correcting the deranged harmony of the diseased individual. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by specialist pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succussion (a specific form of vigorous shaking).

As yet, science has not been able to explain the mechanism of action of ultra-high dilutions in the body, but laboratory experiments have repeatedly demonstrated that Homoeopathically prepared substances cause biological effects. For example, the hormone thyroxine prepared as a Homoeopathic ‘30C’ dilution can slow down the process of metamorphosis of tadpoles into frogs. One theory is that during the production of a Homoeopathic medicine, the dilution and agitation processes cause an interaction between the original materials (e.g., a plant such as Belladonna) and the water and alcohol it is mixed with. This creates tiny new structures (nanostructures) which are the ‘active ingredient’ and remain present even when the sample has been diluted many, many times.

Despite the regular onslaught by the sceptics and ‘non-believers’ Homoeopathy has stood the test of time and continues to heal millions of patients all around the world. The reason is simple. It is an extremely scientific mode of treatment the treats the patient as a whole. Even more so in today’s scenario where whole world is striving and struggling hard to come up trumps with the deadly COVID-19, Homoeopathic medicines have shown fabulous results and the consistency of these positive efficacies is absolutely brilliant. Its sad that the conventional medicine due its wide acceptance is still calling the shots and the governments are just going by what the big pharmaceutical lobbies have to say and are actually still not letting the world know about the possible treatment of the deadly virus through other modes of medicine like Homoeopathy.

The real purpose of Hahnemann was to achieve Health for All for which he came out with the most gentle and scientific system of healing. Surely, more the world uses Homoeopathy, lesser would be the suffering of the Humanity!

As Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely. It is effectively being used as Preventive as well as Curative with no adverse effects also helps as Palliative and Complimentary medicine in treating the Terminally Ill and so called Incurable diseases also. WHO recognises it to be the second most used mode of treatment all over the Globe.

In the present scenario this year on World Homoeopathy Day, CCRH has organised a 2 days Conference with a theme of Homoeopathy – Roadmap to Integrative Medicine to be held at Vigyan Bhawan on 10-11 April 2021. AKGsOVIHAMS has been a Pioneer in this concept of Integration for the welfare of Suffering Patients and Humanity. Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta, Founder Director AKGsOVIHAMS will also share his views in the conference.

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By Sarkaritel April 9, 2021 18:12