Women in Energy Sector Lauded – Petrotech 2019 – ONGC/Mof P&NG

By Sarkaritel February 13, 2019 14:47

New Delhi, Feb 13 : WINNERS – Women in Energy Sector, was one of the major highlights of the Petrotech 2019 jointly organised by state the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and state owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporaton (ONGC) here at greater Noida, 40kms from the capitial city of New Delhi.The focus of this session was to highlight the ‘Right Here, Right Now – need of gender diversity in oil and gas sector’ campaign.

The panelists at the session included Director (HR) ONGC Dr.Alka Mittal, CEO IDFC FoundationDr. N S Rajan, Senior Director at BCG Center for Energy Impact Ms. Rebecca Fitz, GM Strategic Partnerships Porto do Acu of Brazil Ms.MaartjeDriessens, Chief Director Department of Energy South Africa Ms. Elizabeth Marabwa and GM Gas Processing Integration and Operations Support Shell Ms. Lori Motherwell. The moderator of the discussion wasPartner Energy Practice, Boston C G India Mr. Anirban Mukherjee.

Panelists of the Theme Session

The session began with an audio-visual about the undaunted transformation of women in the energy sector. ONGC unanimously commits to empowerment of women and lives by taking progressive and meaningful steps towards building a safe work space for the team by providing opportunities and liberty of exchange of ideas without having to think about consequences.

ONGC organized a pre-conference on the same theme on 31 October 2018 where Dr.Alka Mittal shared information regardingthe various steps taken by the organizations to promote and safeguard its women employees.

Today’s session ( Feb 11 2019) comprised a talk about the stats regarding the improved numbers of women engagement in the ONGC’s technical sector and the ways in which the perspective of social justice helps in enhancing opportunities for women so that it is in equity with men. Challenges like gender inequality, detainment of women at mid-levels and not letting them grow professionally, etc were discussed. Theimage and perception of oil industry is such that women are discouraged if they aspire to be a part of this industry. Dr. Mittal suggested that behavioral and cultural attitude of menplay a significant role in the growth of a woman’s career.

ONGC Director HR addressing the gathering at the session

GM Strategic Partnerships Porto do Acu of Brazil Ms. Maartje Driessens stated that Brazil has similar challenges like India in terms of female leadership. There’s lesser involvement of women at workspaces involving a base of math, engineering and natural sciences. Patriarchy has brainwashed the world to believe that these are a man’s expertise. Women are simply not good enough. But it’s high time that these stereotypes arebroken. She also emphasizedon female icons that inspire young talents for active participation in the concerned fields and excel at it.

GM Gas Processing Integration and Operations Support ShellMs. Lori Motherwell mentioned that female representation globally is significantly low, especially in the technical space. She thrashes the idea that maternity takes away a woman’s careerand suggested that women should be welcomed back with open arms after long maternity breaks. They are skilled professionals and it’s absurd that they’d forget their work after the break.

She confidently affirmed that women can handle commitments at corporate levels and can wonderfully multitask. She recommended steps to increase diversity by inclusive environment and safe workspaces. The moderator concluded the session by encouraging firms to recruit women employees in the oil and gas industry and change the sperception of the world about the managerial scenario of the energy sector that it does not involve many women.

By Sarkaritel February 13, 2019 14:47