We can improve the small habits and be friendly with the environment : C.K. Mishra

By Sarkaritel June 6, 2018 09:07

‘We can improve the small habits and be friendly with the environment.’ The Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony of the Jute Foundation on the occasion of World Environment Day today, Shri C.K. Mishra (PI), Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, said this.


Mr. Mishra said while presenting the example, ‘we throw them after the tooth brush is useless, which is the most harmful for the climate. Similarly plastic waste is increasing with the tools used in the interior decoration of our vehicles. ‘Mr. Mishra advised the practice of jute as an alternative. It is worth noting that in view of its special importance as a special utility of jute and an environmentally friendly product in its everyday life, Jute Foundation, a multipurpose resolution organization has been set up. This foundation is mainly committed to the freedom of poverty and financial prosperity of the families.

The Foundation believes that keeping in mind the important issues such as climate change, water scarcity, and energy crisis, issues related to global health, food security and women’s rights, there is a special need of a positive initiative in the integrated system. From this, the concrete measures related to social change can also be found.

Jute Foundation is committed to making awareness initiatives about the importance of jute products and its relevance among the general public.Foundation Jute talks about being friendly to the environment due to 100% natural disintegration. It will give jute information to the general public about being an affluent and sustainable product. Its production increases the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and absorbs 13.5 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and generates 10 million tons of oxygen.

Employment of 50 lakh families is generated from jute production. Jute Foundation reveals its concern over the terrible environment arising from millions of tons of plastic products and waste. Foundation will primarily work to create consciousness in the public about neglecting the disaster and loss caused by plastic products.

Jute Foundation is committed to the interests of active trainers, subsidiaries and crores customers, in addition to the people engaged in jute cultivation, workers engaged in this industry, jute-based crafts and crafts. At present, Jute Foundation is active for R & D’s excellence in addition to issues related to farmer-laborers. So, the motto of Jute Foundation is prosperity-welfare and development. At the beginning of the ceremony, Jute Foundation Chairman Siddharth Singh stressed that we are the pioneers in the field of jute production across the world. In this respect, we want to give message of the utilization of jute to the whole world.

For this reason, foundation has been inaugurated on the day of World Environment Day.

Shri Singh told his wish that we want to make a jute mark which will provide jute market of best quality. With this step, farmers, laborers, craftsmen, jute dealers and customers will be able to get the facilities. Shri Singh expressed the hope of a good future of jute in India. On June 5, the Jute Foundation was established on the occasion of World Environment Day. The installation ceremony was organized at Silver Oak,

India Habitat Center located at Lodhi Road. Speaking specifically to the function, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Welfare, Government of India, Mr. S.K. K Patnaik (PI) also emphasized on improving the utility of jute in the normal life. Keeping in mind the quality requirements of the product of jute, attracted attention to the availability of best quality seeds and other resources.

Concerned the facilities given to the Central Government, he spoke of every possible incentive for jute producers. Mr.Patnaik said that the demand for jute in the market is going on in the market. “It is used only in making sack.” But now besides the bags, there are huge possibilities of decorating our lives and consuming jute in everyday needs. ”

On this occasion, Erik Solheim, Under Secretary General, United Nations and Executive Director, UN Environment, advised to improve their habits in the main speech.Solheim attracted everyone’s attention towards the problem caused by plastic waste in many countries around the world. Like the use of straw with a bottle for soft drinks, by throwing a plastic bottle by tourists in the ocean, the ecology of the living being destroyed by aquatic organisms. A terrible crisis has arisen. According to Eric, as long as we do not improve our small habits, there will be a crisis of environment. He also talked about the use of jute in modern life.

By Sarkaritel June 6, 2018 09:07