Railway Budget 2015 : Presendted by Railways Minister Prabhu in Lok Sabha

By Sarkaritel February 26, 2015 12:54

Railway Budget 2015 : Presendted by Railways Minister Prabhu in Lok Sabha

By TN Ashok


The Union Minister for Railways, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu leaving Rail Bhawan for Parliament House to present the Railway Budget 2015-16, in New Delhi on February 26, 2015. The Minister of State for Railways, Manoj Sinha is also seen.

Rail Budget to provide road map to reform: Suresh Prabhu :

  1. Goal One : Customer Ex-erience to receive huge boost
  2. Goal Two: Safer:  Travel for Rail Passengers
  3. Goal Three: Modernise Railway Infrastructure
  4. Goal Four: Make indian railways financial viable
  5. Railway Minister highlights Swacch Railways – To be driving force
  6. Rs 8.5 lakh crore Investments in five years
  7. No increase in Passenger Fares
  8. Railways cleaning to be outsourced now
  9. New toildets in atleast 650 raqilway stations
  10. 650 toilets in railway stations
  11. 17,000 toilets to be replaced by modern toilets
  12. Order food online while booking ticket online
  13. Railway bed linen to redesigned by NIFT
  14. Book lockers online , Block waiting room online now
  15. Entertainment onboard on select shaatbdi trains
  16. Easy to climb ladders in all rail coaches to be installed
  17. New rail coaches will be braille enabled to help blind
  18. New bullets trains to gurn on existing tracks
  19. Book tickets four months in advance
  20. Operation five minutes: Buy a train tickets in five minutes using a special device
  21. Now satellite terminals in select cities
  22. Privatization for rail stations
  23. Government promises transparent bidding
  24. 67% more  funds allotted for passenger amenities
  25. 77 projects to be launched for expansion at a cost of Rs 96,000 crore
  26. Transport Logistic Corporation to be set up
  27. sms alert for passengers going forward
  28. connectivity to north eas to be implroved
  29. meghalaya finally brought on the railway map
  30. faster trips between metros
  31. railway connectivity in j and k to improve
  32. Dehi Kolkata travel will now be overnight
  33. five year corporate safety plan to reduce accidents
  34. increasing track capacity by 10% to 1.38 lakh
  35. nine high speed corridors — speed to be increased from 120 to 160kms
  36. all india railway helpline 24 X 7
  37. nine high speed corridors and high speed trains
  38. plans to install train protection systems
  39. 3,000 unmanned level crossings to be eliminated by next year
  40. train collision avoidance system soon
  41. speed on 10 corridors to be increased from 160 km  to 200 km
  42. govt introduces malaviya chair in bhu
  43. monetise assets instead of selling them
  44. revamp ppp cell to make it rsult oriented
  45. new model concession pact to be launched
  46. developers to set up 1000 mv solar plants
  47. insurance funds to be used for financing
  48. rs 2000 crore for coastal connectivity
  49. railways to harness solar energy at major stations
  50. indian railways to set up a university 2015-16
  51. malaviya chair to be set up at iit/bhu for rail technology
  52. Rs 2000 crore for railway connectivity in coastal areas
  53. insurance and pension funds to be tapped for rail financing
  54. no new trains announced
By Sarkaritel February 26, 2015 12:54