NAREDCO launches e-commerce portal for housing

By Sarkaritel January 14, 2020 15:07

New Delhi, Jan 14 National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) on Tuesday annnounced the launch of an e-commerce housing portal, ‘HousingForAll.Com’.

The portal will be open for home buyers with a 45-day sale period starting February 14, a NAREDCO statement said.

“The e-commerce housing portal to start with will host a 45-day ‘All-India Online Home-Buying Festival’ for ready-to-move-in homes, with over 1,000 projects expected to be listed,” it said.

After the launch, the portal will be open for one month — January 14-February 13 — for developers to register their projects.

During the first 15 days of the 45-day sale period, the portal will be opened for buyers and they would be able to view offers and shortlist properties. They will be able purchase the shortlisted properties in March.

Only the properties with occupancy certificate (OC) will be available on the site.

The buyers will be able to view information such as floor plans, room dimensions, video tours of units and external views looking out from windows and balconies.

Also, they will be able to directly book or reserve a unit from the portal with a refundable payment of only Rs 25,000. They will also get ‘money back guarantee’, where their initial buyer deposit made on the portal is secured and is fully refundable in case the buyer chooses not to purchase the unit.

Customers will be notified if any units they have shortlisted are already sold, the NAREDCO statement added.

By Sarkaritel January 14, 2020 15:07