By Sarkaritel May 2, 2021 18:08

By Dr Rajesh Sarwadnya
Founder Vivekananda Youth connect


A campaign to ban plastic bags  , items sold in single use plastic & mineral water bottles on all religious – tourist places &  trekking routes of Himalaya

” Water is a natural resource of Himalaya and people should experience & drink filtered waters of Himalayan Rivers  when visiting Himalayan Places . Therefore it’s a total non-sense to bring water from the cities to the mountains ! ’’

Snacks , Food items sold in Plastic single-use bags and mineral water bottles are among the worst polluters in mountain environments:

they take a few hundred years to dissolve (if they ever do); they are hazardous for human health, cattle and wildlife and it ‘s close to impossible to recycling plastic in remote mountainous areas while they are easily avoidable. Realizing the urgency to protect pristine Himalayas  Dr Rajesh Sarwadnya Founder of non for profit organization Vivekananda Youth Connect Foundation after visiting Himalaya near Badrinath & kedarnath in Uttarakhand  Launches  ‘’Plastic Free Himalaya’’ in May 2021 a campaign aimed at putting  Himalayas on the world map as a plastic (bags and mineral water bottles) free zone.

After 100 % stopping , Banning entry of Single use plastic in Himalaya there is also need to collect &  process – recycle already existing single use plastic .

This will need strong advocacy with Governments & authorities in All Himalayan states &  awareness & public participation for this great  Cause .

The implementation of such a ban should be the responsibility of all the state government s n Union territories . Banning plastic bags and bottle will not solve all problems of waste management in the mountains but it will be a first step in the right direction, showing tourists and local populations that preserving the environment is possible, does not cost much, that tourism could be a sustainable business. Tourists, if informed in advance of the ban, will be ready to abide by the rules .

By Sarkaritel May 2, 2021 18:08

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