Installation of one PFC Composter Machine in Kalkaji Mandir premises

By Sarkaritel May 31, 2018 12:00

New Delhi; 31th May 2018: In yet another initiative taken duringthe ongoingSwachhtaPakhwada, under the aegis of Ministry of Power, Power Finance Corporation has installed a Composter Machine in KalkajiMandir today.

The Bio-waste decomposing machine was inaugurated by Shri Ajay Bhalla, Secretary (Power), Govt. of India in the presence of CMD, PFC, Shri Rajeev Sharma,seniors officials of MCD, PFC and pundits of the Temple administration.

The 500 kg Schnell Composter is a fully automated machine which transforms wet waste into organic compost in 24 hrs. The entire operation is fully automatic, noise free, odour free and does not generate any harmful gases or by products. The worship place is expected to become free from litters and other waste materials.

SwachhtaPakhwada 2018 is being observed from 16th to 31st May 2018.

This is the second installation of the machineby PFC. Earlier, this week; a similar bio waste machine was also installed at Urjanidhi premises.

By Sarkaritel May 31, 2018 12:00

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