Homoeopathy Effectively Treats PSORIASIS – Dr.A.K.Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS

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Homoeopathy Effectively Treats PSORIASIS –  Dr.A.K.Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS

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In the recently held International webinar of Onterio Homoeopathic Medical association, Canada Internationally renowned Prof.Dr.A.K.Gupta shared his experience of successfully treating the Cases of PSORIASIS to a large number of participants from all over the world.

Psoriasis –  It is a chronic constitutional disease, characterised  by cutaneous lesions of the squamous type on the skin with itching as main complaint with silvery scaly plaques or eruptions, may bleed as a droplet on scratching . Psoriasis occurs throughout the globe; in the temperate zones. Nearly 2-4% of the population is affected. India has the prevalence as 0.4- 2.8% said Dr.Gupta, Founder Director, AKGsOVIHAMS (Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences)

There is no specific cause known for this disease. Aetiological factors can be Genetic factors; Infection ; Emotional trauma ; Mechanical trauma and Drugs.

Genetic – Psoriasis has a strong hereditary component, and many genes are associated with it, but it is unclear how those genes work together. Psoriasis is a Genetically Complex disease and large number of Genes are associated with its pathogenesis.

About 25 different genes are responsible for Psoriasis.

Single gene defect can not precipitate Psoriasis.

  • Associated Conditions – Psoriasis has been associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, other immune-mediated disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Triggering Factors – certain conditions precipitate the appearance of psoriatic lesions. These conditions may be:-
  • Stress
  • Sudden withdrawal of corticosteroid
  • Chronic infections
  • Changes in weather and climate

A combination of 4 to 5 defective genes are necessary for manifestation of Psoriasis.

Males are more affected than the Females and it is common between the age of 15 to 30 years of life said Dr.A K Gupta, President ,Homoeopathic Medical association of India, Delhi State .

Psoriasis has tendency to recur and is considered one of the difficult disease to be cured.

Other Contributing Factors are-

Mental Stress

Environmental factors



Environmental Pollution

Most important causation lies in the Mind comprising of Dreams, Delusions, Fear and Phobias etc.

It is observed that if one parent has Psoriasis, then chances of a child being affected is 15-20% .

If both the parents have the disease, chances becomes 50%.

10% cases .. No family history of Psoriasis.

First manifestation of the psoriasis is usually as small red papules, soon decked with a white scale. They may appear as few and scattered, or many and closely aggregated. The scaly papules increase at their periphery, becoming flattened patches from the size of a pea to that of a coin or even larger. When the progress of the disease continues, neighbouring patches encroach on each other, and in time coalesce, giving rise to irregular gyrate forms. Coincident with the peripheral extension there is an increase in the infiltration or thickening of the skin, and the scales become large, imbricated, and more or less adherent. On forcible removal of the scales, a red infiltrated patch is brought to light, on the surface of which minute droplets of blood may be seen informed Dr.Gupta.

Usually clinical features are Plaque psoriasis; Flexural psoriasis ; Pustular psoriasis and Nail involvement. In almost every instance the eruption reappears after a shorter interval . Recurrence of the skin lesions at the beginning of the cold and a disappearance of them at the beginning of the warm seasons. Relapsing feature of the disease is one of the most important and most annoying characteristics hence there  is no certainty of a radical cure. It is believed that if a person once has psoriasis , he may expect to have it always, that is, with certain intervals of freedom.

There are Five main types of psoriasis are Plaque, Guttate, Inverse, Pustular and Erythrodermic.

Complications of Psoriasis can be

Psoriatic Arthritis

Eyes- Uveitis, Blephritis, Conjunctivitis

Metabolic : Coeliac Disease, Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease

Psychological : Low Self Esteem, Depression , Social Isolation.


The normal healthy development of immunity is interfered at an early age due to overuse of Vaccines and Antibiotics which gives rise to autoimmune disorders at early age.

Use of Biologics for Psoriasis makes it difficult to treat by Homoeopathy.

To save the young generation from side effects of immunosuppressive agents Homoeopathy is useful in treatment of autoimmune disorders like Psoriasis emphasized Dr.A.K.Gupta  with many Clinical cases of PSORIASIS treated and cured with Homoeopathy at AKGsOVIHAMS.


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By Sarkaritel January 17, 2022 17:16