HOMOEOPATHY EFFECTIVELY TREAT HEART Patients in integration with conventional treatment say experts at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute – HMAI Delhi

By Sarkaritel January 23, 2019 10:13

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Fortis Escorts Heart Institute held a CME on Cardiology for General Physicians recently on Sunday the 20th Jan.2019 for Homoeopathic Doctors of Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) Delhi and Alumnus of Sur Homoeopathic Medical College (SHMC)

Dr. Ashok K. Omar, Director Non Invasive Cardiology & HOD Heart Command Centre & Emergency Services Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla Road was the Key speaker informed Dr.A.K.Gupta, President HMAI Delhi.

Dr. A K Omar gave a very elaborative insight about the Investigations pertaining to the Cardiology. He emphasised about the proper indications and contraindications of certain investigative procedures carried for Cardiology. Common for the Heart patients are ECG, Stress ECG Tread Mill Test, Echocardiography, Advanced 4d with Color Doppler, Holter test, Thallium , CT Coronary Angiography and Angiography etc.

Symptoms of Chest Pain, Palpitation, Breathlessness with Sweating and Anxiety should not be ignored and needs to be properly evaluated with proper investigation. Timely intervention and prompt treatment can safe the life of patients. Though every Chest Pain is not related to Heart cautioned Dr. Gupta .

Dr Omar specifically said that any patient whose Calcium Score is less then 10 can never be a subject for Heart Block among the gathering of 70 doctors.

While discussing about the Role of Homoeopathy in Cardiac patients

Panelists Dr Purnima Shukla, Dr Nirmal Jit Singh and Dr Ovais Malik shared their experiences.

Dr. Ovais Malik cited cases of his own family where Homoeopathic treatment helped. He emphasised the need of understanding the acute symptoms. Dr. Nirmal Jit Singh said that Arnica 1M  and Aconite Forex 200 works beautifully in  Heart Attack. Homoeopathically Bothrops can be used as Blood Thinner. Dr Purnima Shukla mentioned about the good effects seen with Amyl Nitrosum . Though she said the Constitutional remedy helps the entire case.

During the interactive session initiated by Dr Saurav Arora he apprised of the Research conducted by the CCRH about the efficacy of  Digitalis in Heart patients. Role of Crategus Q has also been found effective.

Chest Pain can be very deceptive at times cautioned Dr. A.KGupta so one needs to be very clear about the indications as well clarity needed about the timely referral to a Specialist or Hospitalisation apart from giving the treatment.

Dr. Sandeep Kaila mentioned that the Patents like Gold Drops etc. which most of the patients keep taking on their own can be carried on with the proper treatment.

Dr. Mayur Jain emphasised about the risk and ethics and information give to the concerned doctors while shifting the patient in Ambulance. He cited the importance of integration with better understanding among the doctors for the beniefit of the patients.

Dr. Bharti Tamta mentioned about her father’s case and shared that Dr Omar was among the team who treated her father.

Dr. Sanket Gupta  mentioned the use of Strophanthus while dealing with cases of Hypertension , Dr.  Sneyh S Khera , Dr. Sheetal Mittal also took active part in the discussion.

Digitalis, Crategus, Aconite, Amyl Nitrosum, Cactus Grandifolia, Arnica, Spigelia, Kalmia Latifolia etc. are the few among many Homoeopathic medicines found to be effective in treating Heart Patients apart for the Constitutional treatment apprised experts


Dr.A.K.Gupta, MD (Hom.)

President HMAI Delhi.


Email- drakgupta@ovihams.com

By Sarkaritel January 23, 2019 10:13

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