Homoeopaths Rubbish the Baseless Derogatory Statement of Bilaspur CMO

By Sarkaritel May 7, 2021 17:26

Homoeopathic Medicines Safe & Effective – Dr. A. K. Gupta Sr. Homeopath 

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh CMO is rubbished by the Homoeopathic Fraternity for his Baseless Derogatory statement given on the deaths of 8 youths and hospitalization of another 5 by consuming Homoeopathic Medicine along with the Spurious Liquor prepared from Mahua. The investigation is on to ascertain the circumstances of the incident of deaths after consuming Spurious , Local Hooch mixed with some cough syrup. All were habitual drunkards and indulged in various things for getting a high kick, which costed  them their lives.

It is highly irresponsible and Wrong statement to say that the deaths were caused by Homoeopathic Cough syrup having alcohol in it without any scientific proof or details. As such Homoeopathy is known for it’s Efficacy and Non Toxicity. Homoeopathy is 2nd  highest mode of medication used worldwide according to WHO.

His false and misleading statement is not only derogatory but also Defaming a noble and Gentle system of treatment called Homoeopathy. It has hurt the sentiments of all users of Homoeopathy, Patients and Homoeopathic Practitioners alike said Dr.A.K.Gupta, President ,Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Delhi State.

Dr.A.K Gupta emphasized that the CMO should have refrained from using such statement without neither having any knowledge about Homoeopathy nor has any right to Defame any Medical System . Specially in such a time of prevailing Corona Pandemic, where people are being treated and are being benefitted with Homoeopathy. When there is already so much of Chaos about the treatment availability giving any misleading statement can lead to more demoralization of patients who are already going through a stage of Depression and frustration.

On behalf of the entire Homoeopathic Fraternity Dr.Gupta urge that the CMO must take his statement back and Clarify the stand. Ministry Of AYUSH and Homoeopathic Department must take an appropriate action about it to negate the wrong, defamatory statement and build up the confidence of homoeopathic users. Press, Media and Officials must consult the professional bodies of respective systems of medicine before making any statement or comment which turns out to be controversial and damaging to the credibility of Medical Systems. Since people at large get affected with it. In any case no allegation should be made without substantial evidence or authenticity advised Dr.A.K.Gupta, President HMAI Delhi State.


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By Sarkaritel May 7, 2021 17:26