Gujarat, Himachal, Delhi most entrepreneur-friendly: Survey

By Sarkaritel March 11, 2015 10:56

Gujarat, Himachal, Delhi most entrepreneur-friendly: Survey

Kolkata, March 11  Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi are the most entrepreneur-friendly states, according to a recent survey.

The survey on entrepreneurship conducted by direct-selling FMCG company Amway and market researcher Indicus Analytics has found that Gujarat, Delhi and Karnataka provide good infrastructural support for entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Furthermore, the nature of governance in all these states supports entrepreneurial activities.

However, Karnataka ranked far below when it came to the question of attitude to opt for a business venture while Himachal Pradesh topped the chart on this parameter followed by Bihar and Jharkhand.

The data used for index computation of the survey was collected through a primary survey of over 5,000 respondents in 20 states encompassing 50 cities across India.

The sample respondents comprised new entrepreneurs who started their ventures within a year of the survey as well as the general populace.

The survey said the northern region dominates future of entrepreneurship in India as Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat have the most forward-looking pattern of governance which will fall in line with the needs of the business community.

The southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh ranked lower on the same parameter.

“One of the biggest challenges that confront the country today is to offer appropriate job opportunities for this growing work force. We believe that skill development and self-employment will play an important role,” Amway general manager Anshu Budhraja said in a statement.

The survey said that while Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi were leading the pack of entrepreneurs in the present situation, Punjab will emerge as a new hub for entrepreneurs and Delhi and Gujarat will continue to dominate this field.

By Sarkaritel March 11, 2015 10:56

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