Gaganyaan: Crew module, crew service module design to be finalised soon

By Sarkaritel January 18, 2019 11:50

Chennai, Jan 18  The design for the crew module and crew service module for India’s Gaganyaan first manned space mission, slated for launch in 2022, are in the finalisation process, a top official of the Indian space agency said.

“We have set up a new centre called Human Space Flight Centre and the work relating to Gaganyaan is being managed from there.

“The design work relating to the proposed manned mission is underway and will be finalised soon,” K. Sivan, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) told IANS.

“The design for crew module (that would carry the Indian astronauts) and crew service module will be finalised soon,” Sivan said.

“We are not designing these for the first time. We already have the necessary infrastructure,” he added.

The ISRO had already flight tested its crew module and its recovery some years back.

Last year, ISRO tested the crew escape system. The test was over in 259 seconds, during which the crew escape system along with crew module soared skyward, then arced out over the Bay of Bengal and floated back to Earth under its parachutes about 2.9 km from Sriharikota.

The crew module reached an altitude of nearly 2.7 km under the power of its seven specifically designed quick acting solid motors to take away the crew module to a safe distance without exceeding the safe g-levels.

On the selection of astronauts, Sivan said that will be the responsibility of the Indian Air Force (IAF), but there is time as the manned mission is slated for 2022, he added.

By Sarkaritel January 18, 2019 11:50