Door Step Delivery helpline of Delhi Govt gets overwhelming response

By Sarkaritel September 12, 2018 19:12

  • Number of callers keep soaring on Door Step Delivery helpline
  • Enhanced strength of call centre smoothens up DSD Services call centre
  • Delhi Government expects system to smoothen up further in days to come

Delhi Government’s Door Step Delivery Services Scheme launched on September 10 continued to get massive response on the second day also. On the third day of the launch, more than 21,000 calls were connected.

With the back-end system, phone lines and operators, increased manifold compared to the day of the launch, no call failed on the third day, though not all were answered as many of them were on waiting and the unanswered calls are being called back.

By 5 pm on Wednesday, the total number of calls connected was 34,839. Out of these 8,275 calls were answered by the executive handling the call centre. Rest of the calls were on waiting line and are being called back. SMS were sent to 18,913 callers whose calls were not answered and are in process of being called back.

A dedicated team has been put up to call back those numbers who were not attended as the line was waiting. On Wednesday till 5 pm, the total number of unique numbers called back stood at 4,200. This is in addition to the 8,275 calls answered by the operators.

The total number of appointments fixed for different services to be availed by the citizens of Delhi was 2,187 till 5 pm on September 12.

The doorstep delivery team had visited 223-households in Delhi till 5 pm on September 12.

This data is of the total calls from the time of launch of the scheme on Monday 10 am till 5 pm on Wednesday.

The call centre worked on Wednesday at an enhanced strength. The number of operators who handled the calls stood at 150 and phone lines were 200.

On the first day September 10, 2,728 numbers of calls were connected and 1,286 were answered by 40 operators and 50 lines. The number of operators was increased to 80 and lines were increased to 120 on September 11, Tuesday.

In addition, a web link has been created on Delhi Government websites which directs the user to a form for Door Step Delivery of Services. Anyone can hit the tab and fill the form to get a call from the call centre for Door Step Delivery of Services.

By Sarkaritel September 12, 2018 19:12

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