Air India takes tough HR calls ahead of sale

By Sarkaritel July 16, 2020 17:42

New Delhi, July 16  Air India is taking tough personnel decisions before the privatization of the national carrier. It has asked various departments to identify the employees not available for duties.

R.S. Sandhu, Executive Director (Operations) has asked all departments to identify such employees. “You are advised to identify the serving employees (permanent/contract) of your base (Pilots/Officers/Staff), who are not available for duties for the following reasons-long sickness, indiscipline unauthorised absence and any other reason”.

“The action taken against such employees may be duly notified to this office, positively by July 17”, the directive said, which was reviewed by IANS.

Air India is in the process of reducing employee strength before privatization. The last date for bidding for Air India is August 31.

Air India has instituted a scheme whereby employees can opt to take ‘leave without pay ranging from six months to up to five years.

Additionally, the airline’s management will also have the option to send any employee on leave.

An Air India staff notice, which was reviewed by IANS, read: “The Board of Directors in its 102nd meeting held on July 7, 2020 has approved a scheme whereby employees can opt to take ‘leave without pay’ ranging from six months or for two years and the same can be extended to up to five years.

“The scheme also authorises the CMD to pass an order on behalf and in the name of the company whereby an employee could be sent on leave for six months or for a period of two years extendable to up to five years.”

However, this provision can only be exercised depending upon factors such as “suitability, efficiency, competence, quality of performance, health of the employee, instance of non-availability of the employee for duty in the past, as a result of ill health or otherwise and redundancy”.

The notice calls upon “department heads at headquarters and regional directors of the region” to assess each individual on the above mentioned factors and identify the cases where option of compulsory leave without pay can be exercised.

“Names of such employees need to be forwarded to the general manager (personnel), headquarters, for obtaining necessary approval of the CMD,” the notice said.

By Sarkaritel July 16, 2020 17:42