The blame game for pollution by Delhi snatching employment & livelihood from people of Haryana

By Sarkaritel November 17, 2022 20:29

The blame game for pollution by Delhi snatching employment & livelihood from people of Haryana

New Delhi, 17 November: Due to increasing air pollution in the capital Delhi for the last several years, the people living in and around Delhi have started suffocating. This problem is increasing every year. Now the situation has become such that common and special, all people are troubled by pollution.

In a press conference at the Press Club on Thursday, former Haryana Cooperation Minister Kartar Singh Bhadana said that instead of solving these serious problems in Delhi, the Kejriwal government is completely doing politics. It hides its shortcomings by repeatedly talking about air pollution in Delhi due to stubble burning in neighboring states. While the truth is that one of the biggest reasons for the ever-increasing air pollution is the traffic jams and broken roads in the capital Delhi.

Due to the bad policies of the Chief Minister of Delhi, the vehicles in Delhi are forced to slide. Such a system should be made in Delhi by which the jam ends. If the traffic jam ends, air pollution will automatically reduce.

He said that it is not right to close the crusher zone in Faridabad, stop construction works every time and blame the neighboring states for pollution. Pollution is more in Delhi, while less in Faridabad. Still, there is a ban on crusher and building construction in Faridabad. Because of which the crisis of livelihood arises in front of lakhs of people. Everyone should also think about the laborers who become unemployed. If the building construction material is brought wet and used in the surrounding area, then there will be no pollution at all.

Mr. Bhadana said that the government has kept stock in Tughlakabad railway station, Okhla and Sarita Vihar after getting gravel and dust by train from Rajasthan. There is a lot of pollution from that too. When vehicles from Haryana are fined heavily in the name of pollution for entering Delhi. He said that ever since Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi, the problem of pollution is increasing every year. They should find a permanent solution for this.

Every year Kejriwal snatches the employment of the people of Haryana and Delhi in the name of pollution.

Mr. Bhadana said that there is a huge difference between the words and actions of this government. Kejriwal only does politics of power. This government is not at all serious about solving the problems. Because if the policies and intentions of any leaders are clear, then in today’s world, even the biggest problems can be solved. But Kejriwal’s government does not want the people of Delhi to get rid of their problems. He said that due to the lax policy of the
Aam Aadmi Party, the roads of the capital Delhi are continuously getting narrower.

So on the other hand, the problem of hourly jam is continuously increasing due to big potholes. The situation is becoming such that the journey of minutes is not being completed even in hours. Jam has become a daily problem.
If Kejriwal really wants to solve Delhi’s pollution, then there should be no encroachment on the road. If any person parks his car on the road, he should be fined at least five thousand rupees.

Shri Bhadana said that farmers are being harassed in the name of stubble burning. There is a lot of difference between stubble smoke, vehicles and industrial pollution. Whatever pollution is there in Delhi, it is from here only. It can be removed only when along with repairing the roads of Delhi, the traffic system is also repaired. The traffic did not stop and moved at speed.

Today, wherever there is a jam, because of that jam, the vehicles remain standing for hours. Due to which thousands of liters of petrol and diesel are unnecessarily burnt. Due to which there is pollution, as well as there is a loss of a lot of money of the country. From which we buy petrol. If you fix your system, there will be no pollution and the  country’s money will also be saved. Wherever people cross the road on foot, there should be an automatic ladder bridge. So that people are also safe and traffic does not stop. Even if the traffic moves intermittently, there is more pollution.

The government is taking green tax from vehicles coming to Delhi, but is not doing anything to stop pollution with that money. There is also a long jam on the toll tax of MCD. The Delhi government should also make arrangements so that vehicles do not have to stop there.

A committee should be formed under the supervision of the Central Government and the Honorable Supreme Court. Which should find out what is the real reason for pollution in Delhi.

Such people should be included in the committee, who will tell the truth and reveal the real causes for pollution.

By Sarkaritel November 17, 2022 20:29

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