Rural Transformation for Sustainable Growth – A conference in Varanasi by WHEELS, alumni of IIT in the US In November 2022

By Sarkaritel September 16, 2022 07:00

BY TN Ashok,

Washington, Sept 15:  A Conference on “Rural Transformation for Sustainable Growth” is being organized at the Benares Hindu University (BHU) at its campus in India from Friday-Sunday November 11-13, 2022.  This conference is organized jointly by WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF)- a Pan-IIT Initiative (, Stanford University Ideal Village Program ( and Banaras Hindu University (BHU,

President Abdul Kalam had inspired IIT alumni from the different IITs to set up the WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF). WHEELS is an acronym for Water, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Livelihoods, and Sustainability.

Since 2016, the annual Ideal Village Conference at Stanford University has served as an integrated collaboration platform for Government agencies, NGOs, Corporate entities, Universities, and Foundations working on holistic solutions for water and sanitation, healthcare and nutrition, education, energy and environment, and sustainable livelihoods that lead to healthy, self-sustained, and economically viable rural communities globally, according to, former Indian Ambassador to Chile and former Professor at Washington University, and Dr. Smita Siddhanti, Co-Chairs of the Sustainable Livelihood Council of WHEELS Global Foundation, Conference Organizing Program Chairs

 The presentations in these conferences are listed at:

Given the learnings, diverse global experiences, and success stories shared in the previous Ideal Village and WHEELS conferences at Stanford, the theme for the 2022 Conference is “Rural Transformation for Sustainable Growth”, will focus on Best Practices in each of the key tracks, namely, Agriculture and Farming, Water and Sanitation, Healthcare and Nutrition, Education and Skilling, Energy and  Environment, Livelihoods and Sustainability  – to  thereby better define the future of global rural development.

In alignment with your vision and work, one of the key pillars for India’s development in the next decade would be to transform rural communities to become engines of global economic growth.

One of the main goals of the 2022 Ideal Village and WHEELS Global Conference is therefore to launch a national Ideal Village Movement which intends to impact 20% of the rural population by 2030.

The conference also aspires to:

■ Discuss the next steps for establishing an “Indian Institute of Development” (IID) on a PPCP (Public-Private-Community Partnership) basis to create the foundation for a Rural Economy Framework which can accelerate long term sustainable GDP growth globally.

■ Feature major rural development policy programs and implementation successes from international development agencies, select State and Central Government agencies, Foundations, and Corporate/CSR programs.

■ Identify and share Best Practices in rural development for future scaling through Corporate Sector/CSR, NGOs, and Governments.

■ Launch Rural Development education programs and collaborative councils at Stanford University and sister institutions, such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard, IITs, Regional Colleges, to encompass Ideal Village and SMART Village learnings that result in a global academic network of rural development centers.

■ Establish an international database portal of proven and scalable technology models for rural development in various sectors (agriculture, healthcare, water, livelihoods etc.).

Details of the conference are provided in website

By Sarkaritel September 16, 2022 07:00