Nishank receives ‘Maharishi Inter National Invincible Gold Medal’

By Sarkaritel July 26, 2021 07:23

New Delhi, July 26  Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, the former Education Minister was presented the most prestigious special “Maharishi Inter National Invincible Gold Medal Award” in the annual Vedic conference of the Global Maharishi Organization, in which representatives of more than 119 countries of the organization participated.

This honour was announced in May after extensive deliberations by a high-powered committee headed by the organization’s global head Tony Nader.

Receiving the gold medal, Nishank said, “Our corona warriors are the real heroes in the dreadful situation of the corona transition period, I have recently suffered the pain of corona”.

Without caring about their lives, our doctors, nurses and other health workers are engaged in the service of patients round the clock.

I salute their vitality, dedication, their devotion to duty and with utmost humility dedicate this award to those warriors”.

It may be noted that Global Maharishi Sansthan Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has five hundred schools in 150 countries, four Maharishi universities in the world and several Vedic educational institutions in various countries.

In his statement on behalf of the Global Maharishi organization, it was said that rising from a very poor background, Nishank has done an excellent job in establishing human values as a great litterateur, poet, politician.

Nishank has been honoured in more than fifteen countries, and more than thirty researches have been done or are being done on his work.

Tony Nader, the global president of the organization, deeply appreciated Nishank for his Ved and World Peace movement. He said tireless efforts and commitment of Nishank to promote world peace through the World Peace Program is commendable.

He added that his efforts will help in taking Vedic knowledge all over the world.

In his speech, Nader said that there is great enthusiasm in the country and abroad to integrate India’s Vedic tradition and eternal knowledge science in the new education policy all over the world.

The communique said that more than hundred top institutions of the world including Harvard, Cambridge, Michigan have praised the education policy, which is a matter of pride.

In the online program, Allen, representative of Maharishi Vedic University, The Netherlands, presented the International Invincible Gold Medal at Nishank’s residence in Delhi.

Calling upon the representatives of transcendental meditation centers and institutions established by Maharishi ji in more than 130 countries of the world, Nishank said in his address that the establishment of peace, prosperity, mutual love, equality, tolerance in the world is only through Vedic knowledge.

This can be done only through education based on traditional knowledge, cultural values, and universal values, this is what we have done in the new education policy, which will become a strong foundation for building a new India.

By Sarkaritel July 26, 2021 07:23

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