Modi calls on DRDO for newer innovations for self-reliant India

By Sarkaritel January 3, 2020 07:01

Bengaluru, Jan 3  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called upon Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to come up with newer innovations for a self-reliant India in Bengaluru as he dedicated new labs to bolster focused research.

“In the field of defence manufacturing, DRDO will have to come up with new innovations to make India self-reliant. DRDO’s innovations play a huge role in promoting Make in India, promoting a vibrant defence sector in the country,” said Modi while dedicating the Defence Ministry department’s Young Scientist Laboratories.

He said investment on future technology is necessary for innovation which also helps in protecting citizens, borders and India’s interests.

“As the Prime Minister of the country, I stand before you and say that the government is ready to walk shoulder to shoulder with you, with the scientists of the country, with the innovators,” said Modi, encouraging the scientific community to innovate.

Appreciating DRDO, Defence Ministry’s research and development wing, the Prime Minister said it has put India’s missile programme among the most outstanding in the world.

He wished for DRDO to reach a height where it not only sets the direction for Indian scientific institutions to follow but also be an inspiration for such entities across the world.

Modi said the department should seriously consider the medium and long term roadmap for the next decade.

Open for applicants below 35 years, the Young Scientist Laboratories have been created to empower youth to achieve self-reliance in advanced niche technologies for the country, DRDO said.

Advising the young scientists who will work in the new laboratories, Modi said their new assignment will also test their temperament and patience in addition to technology.

“You must always keep in mind that your efforts and constant practice will lead us to the path of success,” added Modi.

Located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, the DRDO Young Scientist Laboratories (DYSLs) will focus on five technology areas of Artificial intelligence, Quantum technologies, Cognitive technologies, Asymmetric technologies and Smart materials.

According to the Defence Ministry’s research and development wing, the inspiration to create Young Scientist Laboratories came from an address Modi delivered on August 24, 2014, during a DRDO award function.

By Sarkaritel January 3, 2020 07:01