Indian Business Keen to Invest In Uzbekistan – PM Modi

By Sarkaritel July 7, 2015 13:13

Indian Business Keen to Invest In Uzbekistan – PM Modi

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Make investment process smoother


From TN Ashok / Diplomatic Editor

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, July 07: Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Indian businessmen were keen to invest in Uzbekistan and this was also in keeping with President Islam Karimov’s desire to raise the level of our economic engagement.

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi giving his statement to the media during Joint Press briefing with the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, at Kuksaroy Complex, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on July 06, 2015.

In a press statement, PM Modi said he had conveyed to President Karimov that there is a strong interest in Indian business to invest in Uzbekistan. “There is immense potential in a broad range of areas in Uzbekistan. I have urged him to make the process and the policies for Indian investments here smoother. President responded positively to my suggestion.”

The Uzbeg President, Modi said, was also supportive of strengthening our ongoing cooperation in the areas of agriculture, Information Technology and energy. “We also discussed steps needed to implement the contract for supply of uranium from Uzbekistan signed earlier.”

President Karimov and I discussed various initiatives to further enhance connectivity between India and Uzbekistan, Modi said adding “I briefed him about the International North South Transport Corridor and proposed that Uzbekistan consider becoming a member. I sought his support for India joining the Ashgabat Agreement.”

Modi said he was delighted to be in the historic and beautiful city of Tashkent which carried   the warmth of familiarity “that comes from sights and stories we grow up with.”

President Karimov has led his country with great vision and wisdom to steer its progress and advance peace and prosperity in the region. Our relationship with the central Asian region has ancient roots and has left a strong imprint on both. It now occupies a significant place in India’s future, he said highlighting the importance of his five nation tour of central asia which covers Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan among others.

India and Uzbekistan’s relationship is based on a strategic partnership that includes expanding economic cooperation, combating terrorism, advancing stability in the region and promoting regional integration. I am pleased with the agreements in the areas of Culture and Tourism, because they will bring our people closer, Modi said.

Few countries can match Uzbekistan in nurturing Hindi and Indian culture, Moidi said adding he was looking forward to his meeting with a vibrant group of Indologists and Hindi linguists. India will expand cooperation in capacity building through increase in the number of training offers in India. Consistent with our commitment, the Uzbekistan-India Information Technology Centre has been upgraded this year.

Modi welcomed President Karimov’s assurance to ensure speedy completion of the Entrepreneurship Development Centre being set up in Tashkent. We also discussed regional and international issues, including the situation in Afghanistan. We also have shared concerns on the rising threat of extremism and terrorism in our extended neighbourhood, he said.

Modi said he and Karimov had agreed to intensify security cooperation and exchanges. The bilateral Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism will meet later this year. We also agreed to strengthen cooperation in defence and cyber security. We look forward to working together within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

By Sarkaritel July 7, 2015 13:13