Aspidosperma Effective but Not a Substitute of Oxygen Says Dr.A.K.Gupta

By Newsdesk April 29, 2021 10:24

Aspidosperma Effective but Not a Substitute of Oxygen Says Dr.A.K.Gupta

In the present Covid Pandemic Catastrophe all around. Daily increase in number of Positive Cases and Deaths is very disturbing. Specially when there is Non Availability of Beds in the Hospitals and worst is Non Availability of OXYGEN.

In this time of distress when everyone is looking for some respite from any corner, any message regarding some effective Medicine or anything in particular which says is useful for patients is welcomed by one and all. Hence many messages get Viral in Social Media . Few may be genuinely posted by the Experts and some are by Lay persons sharing their experiences may be right/ wrong. Like Use of some Household Spicies, Proning Exercises to some Homoeopathic Medicines also.

In a recent such Viral message is about use of ASPIDOSPERMA Q to be a Medicine which can negate the need of OXYGEN. I wish to caution that no doubt Aspidosperma Q is Good and Effective in enhancing the Oxygenation if the Symptoms call for it. Even otherwise also it may help the Lungs to Expand and increase Lung Capacity which is certainly a big relief to the suffering patients and their families. But it is not a Substitute of Oxygen infusion (where higher level of oxygen is required, say 2-4 ltrs).

It should be known very clearly that it may be used as a base-line support medicine in Covid Positive patients where they have fever & Cough specially rattling kind along with BREATHLESSNESS. This is supposed to enhance the ability of the lungs by stimulating the respiratory centres & increases the oxidation of blood and expulsion of carbon-di-oxide.

Few other Medicines like Carbo Veg, Vanadium, Arsenic Alb etc. These medicines are also good and effective according to the symptoms. We have seen good results in the case where Hypoxia has been the cause or situation of gasping for air like Air Hunger similar condition when a Covid patient is struggling for breath and oxygen.

Certainly these  Homoeopathic Medicines are Effective and help Patients in Acute Respiratory Distress. Should Not be taken as Substitute for Oxygen where It has been medically recommended/required.

Further advised that No Self Medication and must Consult your Homeopathic Physician in case of any query. As it creates an unnecessary rampant purchase of Medicines, soon they become unavailable or are being sold for much higher rates. Making genuine patients suffer who need it and are being kept or used by the ones who don’t need it.

Refrain from rat race just for the heck of it please.


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By Newsdesk April 29, 2021 10:24