Rajasthan in water management pact with Singapore co

By Sarkaritel February 26, 2015 13:02

Rajasthan in water management pact with Singapore co

Jaipur, Feb 26  Rajasthan signed a grant agreement with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) on water management and to develop capabilities in urban water management in the state.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam.

The Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) was set up by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore in 2006 to respond effectively to the multitude of foreign requests interested in Singapore’s development experience.

SCE works closely with Singapore’s 15 ministries and over 60 statutory boards to scope out and tailor possible solutions to match the needs of foreign governments, and help meet their development objectives.

SCE also serves as the focal point of access to expertise from Singapore across its public agencies.

“As part of the pact, Singapore Cooperation Foundation will provide assistance in advisory and capacity building programme for the water management and recycle of waste water,” a statement said.

A series of workshops will be conducted to build capacity of 100 officials from public health engineering department (PHED) and other relevant departments of Rajasthan government with the help of Temasek Foundation.

Set up by Temasek, an investment company based in Singapore, Temasek Foundation is a Singapore philanthropic organisation that seeks to build a more prosperous, stable and connected Asia through building human and social capital.

Singapore Cooperation Enterprise will be the lead agency to aggregate a team of experts from Singapore.

The few initial areas which will be covered during this 18 month programme are urban water management, governance of waste water treatment and water management.

“I am happy that the process which started during my Singapore visit in October last year had resulted in the form of agreement,” chief minister Vasundhara Raje said.

“During my Singapore visit, discussions were made on important issues like water management, skill development, urban planning and now the results appearing during this short span of time are very encouraging,” she said.

She said joint ventures are expected in sectors like automobiles, engineering and others also in the future.

“Singapore is a small country and partnership with the states like Rajasthan in sectors such as skill development, water management, urban governance and hospitality will prove to be beneficial for both of us,” said foreign affairs minister of Singapore K. Shanmugam.

By Sarkaritel February 26, 2015 13:02