PM Modi Wants Sino Indian ties to benefit world

By Sarkaritel May 15, 2015 12:32

PM Modi  Wants Sino Indian ties to benefit world

By TN Ashok / Diplomatic Editor

Beijing, May 15 : India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today wanted a new direction to the relationship between India and China so that it could have profound impact on not just both the nations but also others as well . “The re-emergence of India and China and their relationship will have a profound impact on the two countries and the course of this century.”

Making his media statement on the 2nd day of his China visit, PM Modi said  India and China had a historic responsibility to turn their relationship into a source of strength for each other and a force of good for the world. We are committed to set a new direction between the two largest Asian countries. I believe that my discussions with President Xi and Premier Li have advanced our relationship in that direction.

“Our conversations were candid, constructive and friendly. We covered all issues, including those that trouble smooth development of our relations,” Modi said.

In a candid statement, Modi said , he had stressed the need for China to reconsider its approach on some of the issues that “ hold us back from realizing full potential of our partnership. I suggested that China should take a strategic and long term view of our relations. I found the Chinese leadership responsive. “

On the boundary question, we agreed that we continue to explore a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable resolution. We both reiterated our strong commitment to make all efforts to maintain peace and tranquillity in the border region. “ I found sensitivity to our concerns on this issue; and, interest in further intensifying confidence building measures. I also reiterated the importance of clarification of Line of Actual Control in this regard.”

Referring to visa policy and trans-border rivers issues, Modi said  while discussing issues of regional concern “ We agreed that as we move ahead, we should be sensitive to each other’s interests; strengthen mutual trust and confidence; continue to manage our difference with maturity; and, seek solutions to outstanding issues..”

Our decision to enhance strategic communication and coordination on our region is especially significant. Bilateral cooperation was a very important part of our discussion. We have set a high level of ambition for our economic partnership. We see enormous bilateral opportunities and many similar challenges, like urbanization.”

Stating that he was pleased with the progress on the commitments from the Summit last September in Delhi, Modi said, This includes cooperation in the Railways, where we have identified specific projects, and the two Chinese industrial parks in Gujarat and Maharashtra. I am pleased that the two chief ministers are here with me.

Modi said that both leaders were very supportive about increased Chinese participation in our Make in India mission and infrastructure sector. In Shanghai tomorrow, we will see over twenty ventures in the private sector take concrete shape.

President Xi and Premier Li were very receptive to the specific concerns I had raised on our growing trade deficit. We look forward to early impact on the ground, he said . The balance of trade is heavily tilted towards China which now stands at US $32 billion in China’s favour. India has for greater market access in China so that Indian exporters could send more commodities there.

Modi said an area of high priority is people-to-people contacts. Indians and Chinese don’t know each other well, much less understand each other. We have decided to take the relationship out of the narrow confines of governments in the national capitals to states, cities and our people.  For the first time, India has launched a State and Provincial Leaders’ Forum with any country. This is consistent with my firm commitment to cooperative federalism in India.

Modi declared that this was the Year of India in China; the next one would be the Year of China in India. This will expand tourism between our two countries. We are establishing a Centre for Gandhian and Indian Studies in Shanghai, a Yoga College in Kunming and a bilateral Think-Tanks Forum.

The Nathu La route for Indian pilgrims to visit Kailash Mansarovar will become operational in June. I want to thank China for that, Modi said.

Our decision to open a consulates in Chengdu and Chennai reflects growing mutual confidence and shared commitment to expand our relationship. These steps will help make our relationship more broad-based and people-centric, Modi said.

Modi said India and China had a common global and regional interests. For example, we have a shared interest in the outcome of the international climate change negotiations. We are both trying to strengthen regional connectivity.

Stating that Terrorism is a shared threat, Modi said , instability in West Asia matters to both of us. Peace and progress in Afghanistan benefits us both. I am confident that our international partnership will deepen.

“ Today, we have signed over 20 agreements, covering diverse areas of cooperation. This shows the depth and maturity of our relationship and the positive direction of our partnership. This has been a very productive and positive visit, “ Modi said.

By Sarkaritel May 15, 2015 12:32