Will redeem pledges to people within time frame : BJP

By Sarkaritel August 9, 2014 19:05

Will redeem pledges to people within time frame : BJP

New Delhi, Aug 9 The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at its National Council Meet here Saturday said the central government “will redeem the pledges given to the people in a definite time frame”.

The nine-page political resolution of the party said participation of people is essential for the success of any government.

“The party appeals that people should become partners in progress. People’s participation is essential for success of any government,” it added.

“The National Council of the party wants to reassure the people of this country that the government will keep up its good performance and its decisions would benefit 125 crore people of the country.”

Calling the Congress “desperate”, the resolution said the party was disrupting the parliament session since it could not digest its worst ever defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

“The desperation is clearly visible. Their scramble for the post of LoP (Leader of Opposition), their opposition to the bills which they presented during their tenure and disruption of parliament shows their inability to accept the people’s verdict,” it said.

Besides hailing the decisions of the 70-day-old government in various sectors, it also congratulated party president Amit Shah for his work during the general polls.

It extolled the general budget and described it as the “first step towards building a golden India”.

On the issue of inflation, the resolution said the Narendra Modi government has shown its earnestness to check inflation by taking strong measures to stabilise prices of essential commodities.

It hailed Modi’s visits to neighbouring countries Bhutan and Nepal.

It said the prime minister’s commitment to Bhutan’s progress was well received by the people of the hill nation, while it described his Nepal visit as a “milestone” in India’s relations with the Himalayan nation.

By Sarkaritel August 9, 2014 19:05

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