Why India’s gaming industry is on the rise

ameya sathaye
By ameya sathaye June 7, 2021 09:56

Why India’s gaming industry is on the rise

Did you know that India has 560 million internet users and takes second place in the world? India got a massive rise in mobile game downloads in the first nine months of 2020. According to research, there were a total of 7.3 billion downloads for a specific period. This fact indicates that India’s gaming industry is on the rise, as young people have access to modern technologies.

The fact that 60% of gamers are younger than 25 years old opens many options for developing the gaming sector. In this post, we review the current trends in the Indian gaming market. Also, we bring out the factors that impacted the immense growth.

The mobile games trend

India’s gaming industry consists mainly of mobile users, with a stunning 85%. With small chunks of 11% for PC and only 4% for tablet, the Indian gaming industry mainly caters towards mobile users. 

According to a report from 2019, the esports and gaming companies had a profit of $68 million. The massive popularity of mobile gaming is a result of the fact that smartphones are easily accessible. Mobile devices are made more affordable, so young people already own one. 

Another factor that boosted mobile gaming is the high-speed internet. With a fantastic 4G connection, playing a game with high-quality graphics and sounds is a straightforward experience. In addition, India has the lowest prices for data. Websites like comeon.com can be easily opened through the smartphone, as the users can get to gaming straightaway. 

The implementation of digital payment platforms also made gaming a convenient experience. All of these factors together contribute to improved user experience and increase the interest in mobile gaming. 

Mobile gaming trends during the COVID-19 pandemic

When it first started in 2020, the pandemic imposed considerable changes in consumer’s behavior. During the lockdowns, people had fewer sorts of entertainment. The easy access to mobile games increased their popularity, resulting in increased engagement of 50% on the famous App Store and Google Play. 


Before the pandemic, people in India spent only 151 minutes on gaming daily. Once the strict lockdown rules came into force, this number increased to a stunning 218 minutes. People were looking for entertainment options online since socialization was limited. The multiplayer games were on the rise, allowing people to connect with their friends and family and have fun together. 

The Indian mobile gaming sector consists of more than 400 companies. Influencers stimulated the users to engage in mobile gaming and turned it into a popular trend. With the strong demand for mobile games, the companies need to offer diverse content to satisfy users’ wishes and preferences.

Games are no longer considered to be solely for enjoyment. People saw the social factor in them, in conditions of strict rules for limited socialization, as a response to the pandemic. The users could connect with anyone across India and have fun together online. 

eSports in India

Around 4% of the user base in India play eSports. This narrow sector accounts for 9% of the total revenue for the gaming industry. To get a better understanding of the growing market, we can compare the popularity through the years. Back in 2017, eSports had an audience of 6 million people. In 2020, this number grew to a fantastic 17 million, which is expected to grow in the near future. 

Gaming companies will dedicate their efforts to creating mobile games, as it is more feasible. The short process and lower costs for developing mobile games are the crucial factors for the decision. In addition, gaming companies will orient their efforts to creating female-oriented games that appeal to this demographic. 

ameya sathaye
By ameya sathaye June 7, 2021 09:56

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