Threefold raise in 2016-17 wheat production: Modi

By Sarkaritel November 27, 2017 04:28

New Delhi, Nov 27  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called upon farmers to cut use of urea for wheat production by half, adding that its production in Rabi season of 2016-17 increased three to four times due to proper use of fertilizers.

“Farmers here were earlier using chemical fertilizers indiscriminately which deteriorated the soil health,” Modi said in the 38th edition of his monthly radio programme “Mann Ki Baat”.

“Produce reduced, resulting in lower income. Gradually the productivity of the soil also went down.

“In the Rabi season of 2016-17, wheat production per acre increased three to four times and their (farmers’) income also increased by Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 per acre. Besides, the soil quality also improved. Cut in fertilizer usage resulted in monetary saving,” Modi said.

He called upon the farmers to reduce the use of urea, a nitrogen containing-fertilizer used by farmers on a large scale.

“Can our farmers, the sons of our soil, make a resolve that by 2022, when we complete 75 years of our independence, they will cut down the urea usage to half of what is being used presently?

“If my farmer brothers make this resolve, then we will see the health of mother Earth improve and production will increase.”

By Sarkaritel November 27, 2017 04:28

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