October 16, 2017   
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International Women’s Day on 8th March 2017 was celebrated at  J-158 Rajouri Garden Clinic where Free Psychological Consultation was  given to all female patients by Kaartik Gupta, M.Phil (Cl. Psych) Clinical Psychologist of AKGsOVIHAMS.

Kaartik Gupta said that in order to treat and cure the patients of this camp would be entitled for discount in further sessions  also to enable them get fully benefitted & cured. He said that now a days there is sharp increase in the cases of Anxiety, Depression , Aggression etc. due the Socio – environmental factors. The ever increasing competitive life, Over expectations , Inter personal relationship conflicts , Over exposure to violence in movies etc. are all contributing factors. Youngsters are getting too ambitious today ,losing the basic instinct of traditional values for the pseudo glamour of life .


Women though very active and capable of doing anything to everything also at times loose track  in their own web of equality, liberation etc. said Kaartik Gupta visiting Clinical Psychologist at IIMC ( Indian Institute of Mass Communication) ,where he has been apart from treating ,he has been actively participating in various Radio-talks like how to handle the examination stress to the students.

In pursuing the legacy of AKGsOVIHAMS Homoeopathic Clinics where Patient’s welfare is the Sole Aim , for which it had been awarded the Global Healthcare Excellence Award and has the name in Limcal Book of Records also. Kaartik Gupta said that the patients of this camp would be able to have the further sessions also on the rebated minimal charges. AKGsOVIHAMS has been holding the Free camps for needy patients and held more than 150 camps for health and awareness .

For any Psychological problems like Anxiety, Fear/ Phobias, OCD, Depression, Bi Polar disorders, Drug Addictions , Behavioural disorders , Panic disorders, Suicidal Thoughts , Anger etc.  and Personality analysis, Clinical Assesment of Children and patients, Kaartik Gupta can be consulted at all AKGsOVIHAMS Clinics, West Delhi at Rajouri Garden, South Delhi at Satya Niketan Moti Bagh and North Delhi at Pitam Pura.

Visit www.ovihams.com for more details , Email – kaartikgupta@gmail.com