Omonxona – miraculous spring in the mountain

By Sarkaritel May 21, 2014 10:55

Omonxona – miraculous spring in the mountain

Surkhandarya – the southernmost region of Uzbekistan is notable not only for its scorching summer but unique flora and fauna as well. Here in the mountains and lowlands one can find numerous sources of water of which some are unique with their content and healing properties.


Omonhona is among them. The spring is located at an ordinary at first sight highland, which totally negates our idea how the famous resort should be. They say it is here where ancient Baysuntau meets the spurs of Hisar Mountains with their colorful alpine-like vegetation, unique waterfalls rushing down the steep peaks and fresh air.

Any traveler, who comes to this land, will certainly be attracted by an amazing cave – grotto, popularly nicknamed “Yoppakamar.” The locals say that in the ancient times the cave was used as a natural refrigerator for storing the food at summer time. The thing is that even at the hottest summery days, the temperature inside the cave does not go above 5-6 degrees Celsius. And in contrast, in winter, the coldest temperature in the caves is not below 10-12 degree. Incidentally, at the outer part of the cave which forms a long terrace even today travelers find a relief from the burning heat.


People come here mainly to enjoy the mineral springs, located just below the cave. Miraculous properties of its crystal-clear water have been known for centuries. There are legends that tell about the origins and source of its name. The most realistic among them is the story of a military commander, who was passing by this area with his large army, which had been tired of a long campaign and his troops were dying from an unknown disease. Having halted at a small spring sparkling out from under the mountain, the commander noticed that his troops began healing, an epidemic has subsided all who have reached the spring were alive now. Thus, the name of the area (“omon qoldi”) was born. Since then, people began calling this place “Omonhona” which means “a place where the health is recovered”.

The Soviet times medicine has for many years rejected the healing properties of the source. It was probably because these places are also associated with the name of the saint Sultan Wali, who was buried nearby. Many years passed before  specialists made some serious studies of the healing water. They’ve established that water of Omonkhona has a rare chemical content. Suffice it to say that it contains potassium sulfate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silica, iron, aluminum, copper, selenium, zinc, molybdenum, and many other elements, whose microscopic dozes combine so uniquely and lead to miraculous healing effect.

This fact is confirmed by the data obtained during several-years by the Research Institute for Regenerative and Therapeutic Medicine named after Semashko at the Ministry of Healthcare of Uzbekistan. Monitoring of numerous patients also testify for the fact that miraculous water of Omonxona helps win the diseases.

Today, one can state with confidence that healing water of Omonxona fights such serious diseases as chronic hepatitis B and D (“jaundice”) and cholecystitis, gall bladder and biliary tract inflammation, as well as gastrointestinal disorders – gastritis, duodenitis, colitis, diabetes, pancreatitis.

Unique is not the source only, but the surrounding rocky ledges under which exotic “rooms” are located and host the guests in summer time. Just the sight of these formidable giants can make one’s heart tremble and admire the miracle of the nature.

Previously, patients could reach Omonxona only by a bumpy unpaved road. Now it can be accessed by a modern asphalt road. Dozens of small yet cosy private hotels have been built around the area, which has its small market, cellular communication and state-of-the-art resort for 150 beds.

Endless stream of people come here in the hope of recovering their health by drinking a magic and life-giving water of Omonxona. Those who need more serious treatment, can avail the services of a balneologic facility which has been operating near the spring for several years. Under the supervision of specialists the patients take several types of mineral water therapy.

Sure, the service level at the resort is yet to match those at the best brand ones. However, the effectiveness of treatment at Omonxona easily compensates for those temporary inconveniences. A record book with thankful notes from hundreds of thousands of grateful patients testify for this fact.

Excellent healing results caught the attention of investors and now the area is seeing an influx of both public and private, as well as foreign investments. In accordance with the state program for the development of the resort Omonxona,  “Uzbekistan Railways.” National Railway Company secured a bid for the construction of a new hospital and associated buildings, as well as the expansion of the list of healthcare services. One can be confident that soon we will witness the miraculous transformation of Omonxona from a unique spring into a world-class brand resort, providing the a highest level of medical and treatment services.

Shahodat Usmonova,
Janub vaqti” (Time of the South) newspaper
Surkhandarya region.

By Sarkaritel May 21, 2014 10:55

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