India rise a very welcome development: Dutch Foreign Minister

By Sarkaritel May 10, 2017 10:20

India rise a very welcome development: Dutch Foreign Minister

New Delhi, May 10  Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders on Tuesday termed India’s rise a “very welcome development” as in the new emerging world order, it will protect and promote democratic values.

“India’s take-off is a very welcome development. It is welcome from a political point of view because we share many values,” Koenders said while addressing an event organised by Confederation of Indian Industry, here.

“They range from human rights to the rule of law, and from free elections to peace and security. Such principles are deeply embedded in your society – supported by Indians rich and poor, and regardless of religious conviction.

“As the global order is being reshaped, we look to the world’s largest democracy to protect and promote those values with us,” he added.

About present-day geopolitics, he said, “Within Asia, we see a new strategic constellation arising, with three poles, if you will: one around India, one around China, and one around what I call Maritime Asia.

“Between them we see economic competition and cooperation, strategic competition and cooperation, and political competition and cooperation, with a variety of ideological models.”

About the reforms required in the global institutions to reflect the new geopolitical realities, he said: “To remain relevant, bodies such as the (UN) Security Council need to be fundamentally reformed..If a reformed Security Council were to include additional permanent seats, then my country sees India as a prime candidate.”

“At a time when the global rulebook is being rewritten, the free world needs India’s penmanship,” he added.

On the India-EU economic relations post Brexit, he said, “I know Brexit is on everyone’s minds nowadays, but did you know that 80 per cent of India-EU trade is with countries on the European mainland? That’s all the more reason to keep striving for a trade agreement between India and the European Union.”

He added: “One thing is certain: Brexit will happen, and no country will gain from it in the end. We want to make the divorce as smooth as possible, especially when it comes to trade. But it will hurt, like any divorce.”

“The Netherlands is an excellent gateway to that European market, as many Indian companies have already found out. Schiphol airport and the Rotterdam seaport provide easy access to the European continent,” he said.

On the bilateral cooperation in the renewable energy sector, he said,”let’s join up, because the Netherlands offers world-class technology for solar power. Our chemicals company Royal DSM produces special coatings that make solar panels more efficient.”

“And if India wants to set up its own industry for solar power, the Dutch Solar Alliance can help. It builds complete manufacturing plants for solar panels, from start to finish, ready to operate,” he added.

Netherlands is India’s 5th largest investment partner with an investment of $20.5 billion.

By Sarkaritel May 10, 2017 10:20