India Looking for Substantive Meetings in China – VP Ansari

By Sarkaritel June 28, 2014 10:45

India Looking for Substantive Meetings in China – VP Ansari

From Our Correspondent

On Board Air India Flight to Beijing: India’s Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari today said he was looking for substantive meetings with Chinese leaders so that bilateral cooperation between India and China was taken to the next level.

Speaking to Newsmen on his special flight to Beijing , the Vice President said  : We are looking forward to a substantive visit during our stay in Beijing apart from the Panchsheel part of it. I would be having discussions with my counterpart the Vice-President of China. There would be a meeting with the Prime Minister of China. And the last but the most important item in the programme would be the call on His Excellency the President of China.

China is a very important country, he said adding, it is our most important neighbour. It is a country with which our bilateral trade is almost at the top. There are only one or two countries with which we have such trade levels as we have with China.

And both governments are committed to furthering bilateral relations. The best evidence of that was the congratulatory telephone call that the Prime Minister received shortly after his swearing in, and then the visit of the Special Chinese Envoy to Delhi to congratulate the Prime Minister and also to call on the leadership, he said.

The Vice President said that the China visit had been in the pipeline for almost two years. The invitation from the then Vice-President of People’s Republic of China, now the President of China, came almost two years back, but then there were all kinds of scheduling problems on both sides.

As has been said, two things are happening together. We are having a bilateral visit and we are also attending the 60th anniversary of the Panchsheel, he said.

Question: Sir, so many times we have seen Chinese aggression on our borders. Will you take up this issue during the bilateral talks?

Hon. Vice-President: All matters on bilateral agenda will be taken up in the talks.

Question: Is this included in the agenda for bilateral talks?

Hon. Vice-President: Bilateral agenda means bilateral agenda, the totality of subjects which the two countries discuss from time to time.

Question: Can we expect ki aap border issues par discuss karenge bilateral talks mein?

Hon. Vice-President: Iske aage kehne ki zarurat nahin hai. We will discuss, I cannot anticipate the talks.

Question: Sir, Panchsheel ke 60 saal ho gaye, hum log jaante hain aur isko bhi celebrate karne vahan jaa rahen hain. Kya aap ko lagta hai ki aaj ki sthiti mein Panchsheel ka joh idea tha use kuchh naye model mein present karne ki zarurat hai, ya usko aur expand karne ki zarurat hai?

Hon. Vice-President: Dekhiye, Panchsheel ke joh paanch principles hain,they are of universal value, so much so that not only China, India, Myanmar but the entire Non-Aligned Movement and the bulk of the members of the United Nations subscribe to it because they are impeccable principles.Is mein jhagda karne ko toh koi cheez hai hi nahin. Inter-state relations aaj ki duniya mein inhi principles par ho sakte hain agar unko normal hona hai, agar unko peaceful hona hai.So, the principles are impeccable, and there is no dispute about it.

Question: Sir, the Indo-China trade deficit is ballooning and the trade gap is a whopping 30 billion dollars. What would be a panacea to get into more sustainable levels of trade between India and China?

Hon. Vice-President: I think the two governments are working on this, and the presence of the hon’ble Minister of Commerce and her separate meetings with her counterpart will allow these subjects to be discussed. It is a matter of concern to us that while trade is increasing the imbalance in trade is not coming down. The two governments are seized of the matter. They will address them as time passes.

By Sarkaritel June 28, 2014 10:45